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Respond to discussion 4

Response to each person please!

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Respond To Discussion 4
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As a teacher, I believe that allowing students to verbally discuss certain topics or material will give them a deeper understanding of what is being discussed throughout the classroom. Over time, I have noticed that students are often more engaged in the material when they can discuss it amongst each other and when each of them are able to discuss different opinions and ideas. Throughout my classroom, I often allow students to discuss certain topics that require them to share with one another and provide insight on certain material that some of their other peers might not understand. A positive aspect that I have discovered by doing this would be that students often learn and comprehend lessons or material better when it is being discussed amongst their peers. Students are typically able to comprehend things more effectively when they can relate to or work with one another. This is a strategy that I often use throughout my classroom with things such as group activities or peer-discussions. However, a negative aspect that I have noticed when allowing students to actively discuss material or text within the classroom would be that it often leads to disagreements, conflicts, being off-task, or disruptiveness. Some things that I could implement to ensure that this method/strategy  could improve would be making it a requirement that each students share or discuss something, whether its an opinion on the topic or insight regarding the text. I believe that this will ensure that everyone’s “voice” is being recognized and it would also give me feedback on whether everyone is comprehending or understanding the material as well. 


 Before teaching a new topic, have the students complete a KWL chart. The students will write down what they know about the topic, what they hope to learn, and finally what they learned when they revisit their chart after being taught. During teaching, discussion webs and questioning the author are good strategies, too, to use so students are actively responding to their texts. For example in a math classroom, discussion webs can be very useful when trying to comprehend the different types of word problems- especially multi-step ones. Questioning the author strategy could come into play when charts and graphs are involved. There are a lot of questions the students could ask.

     In my third grade math classroom, I use something similar to the discussion web. The only problem I have is that I like to pose a question and let my students turn and talk within their group. I assume they will take turns, but this is where my classroom discussions fail. They either talk over each other, one person takes too long with their response, or they are completely off topic.

     I can definitely improve the quality of their discussions by going back and explicitly reteach what discussions should look like and sound like. I could also give each of my students in their groups a number and a one minute timer. That way they would know who is talking and how long they had. Giving them the organizer and having them work with a partner instead of with their group would help keep them on track better with their discussions as well.


Typically discussions are utilize as portals to gather students thoughts, feelings, and understanding of any content. In my classroom, I am very big on using discussions as lesson alignment and oral statements. Students are very much engaged and they throughly understand the way discussions are needed for. To plan discussions in a classroom, you have to show students the proper way to respond. They will need to know the step by step process so that it will remain in their heads the expected way. In my class room, students do nows and exit tickets are used a discussion. Every students is expected to give valid reasoning for their post. This has helped the students with ‘looking’ on others computers to gather the sane answers. I will instantly know if students are truly understanding the information. In the classroom, discussions are great sources for students to utilize their voices without actually speaking. There are a few students who are afraid of having the wrong answer and those who are mute in many ways. Students are expected to post before they view their peers responses. 


The five assumptions are important for remaining professional during any situation when working in a school setting or when involved with people at any moment. So many situations can take place at one time and remaining level headed to find a solution is the most important part about becoming a teacher. 

Assumes you are called by God to the profession. People need to be reminded that they should remain humble no matter what gifts they receive from God because they can easily be taken away. It is a gift to be able to give the knowledge and care to our next generation so that they are prepared for their chosen professions in the future.  Assumes you will behave and speak kindly and patiently with all learners. While being humble, you must also carry yourself with the up most respect and give that same respect to everyone else. That mean giving your students affirming words when they are unsure of themselves and remain kind even when they have frustrated you or their classmates.  Assumes you are willing to learn and study. Although you may feel that you are knowledgeable in the lessons you teach, sometimes your students will be teaching you a new method that can be beneficial to their classmates. We are always learning new ways to teach throughout our careers and sometimes the instructions may even come from our students. Assumes you desire to teach the student, not the content – have a heart for the student.  And with that teaching you must be able to recognize when your kids are struggling and need your tenderness to excel when they feel defeated. The information is important but without their hearts in wanting to learn more the information you speak will not be retained.  Assumes you believe that everyone deserves to understand what is being taught

We all want the opportunity to feel as if we are capable of success. For a child that may look differently and sometimes can result in misbehavior if they are not receiving the care needed. We all experience struggling students and with patients that student could be your top student by the middle or end of the year when we focus on what they are capable of doing and expand on that knowledge rather than forcing them to learn a particular way we as the teacher prefers.


Hello classmates,

Assumes you are called by God to the profession works in my classroom by being humble, gentle and patient with one another. I am very patient with my students. My motto is every day is a new day in my classroom. This means I have forgiven you for what occurred on the day before so that I am being humble by showing grace. This also works when being professional because not all adults will see eye to eye. Especially when that person is in authority over you. You have to show grace and be patient with one another because the goal is to give it our all for our students.

Assumes you will behave and speak kindly and patient with all learners works in my classroom with out attitudes. If we all have positive attitudes at all times in the classroom and professionally then we can be able to better work and learn together. Everyday will not be a good day but it is our jobs as adults and educators to help get students and work environment back on a positive track.

Assumes you are willing to learn and study works daily in my classroom. I tell my students all the time we have to be mindful not to be quick to speak but to listen. Listening will help you learn and understand so that you may gain the knowledge needed to complete any task.

Assumes you desire to teach the student, not the content – have a heart for the student is a daily reminder for me in the classroom. We all have shortcomings but we have to remember we are human beings and have feelings. Our students are with us more than they are with their parents some days so we have to be the parent and the teacher. With professional practice sometimes we just need to be the friend and not a colleague.

Assumes you believe that everyone deserves to understand what is being taught is big. We all have students with IEPs so we have to cater the lesson to reach everyone. No student should be left behind. With being a professional we have to remember everyone grasp things at a different pace so we have to be patient with one another. 


Teaching is a vocation. We’ve been assigned a mission. To share our knowledge and have a positive impact on people we teach. It is not simple to be a teacher; you make various sacrifices by spending your time with children, pupils, and others who are impatiently anticipating information that may benefit them. Those who believe in teaching as a calling must give their best and sacrifice everything they have in order to accomplish the mission to which they have been called, which is to teach and leave a good impression on every individual they educate, young or old. Teaching as a purpose necessitates acting with humility and honesty. We must communicate with attention to people who have come to hear our message. We must be compassionate and patient with all of our students, especially those who are labeled as sluggish and stubborn. Some students will exhibit a variety of behaviors, both positive and negative, but as a teacher with a basic objective of educating, you must accept them as they are. Discrimination and hostility are not part of our job as instructors; instead, we must help such persons develop positively by modeling appropriate behavior and assisting them in avoiding undesirable habits. This is the most effective strategy to assist such folks in growing. Every time we teach, we learn something new from the numerous pupils we encounter. Although we are on a mission, we must leave our options open when educating since we will encounter people from diverse cultures, geographies, and even social groups, and these people will definitely affect us in a number of ways. If we want to win these pupils’ hearts, we must be ready to study their habits, customs, and norms. We will be able to tolerate some cultures and behaviors that are diametrically opposite to ours if we are eager to learn and by doing so we will learn a lot even as we teach. Teachers come into contact with a variety of students, each with their own set of demands that must be satisfied. Some students attend school to gain information, some to further their careers, and yet others just to profit from the lessons because they are interested in learning. As a teacher, you will not be able to know all of your students’ requirements at once; therefore you will need to allow time for them to share their thoughts on your lessons. Some will value your lessons, while others will not. It is normal because not every learner will understand your teachings and their comments, whether they hit you in the right or wrong way, you must take them into consideration because hearing your learners’ concerns and implementing their views will help them feel accepted and recognized by your teachings, and they will positively react to your teaching method. Learning is a process, and because it is a process, as a teacher you must ensure that all of your students understand what you are teaching. You’ll need to know how each learner is progressing through the numerous classes you’re teaching. Because you have been trained to be patient and modest, you will approach individuals who are performing poorly and ask them what can be done to help them improve in the areas where they are performing poorly. You will then implement their request and assist them in improving their performances. For those who are performing well, you will assist them in maintaining their performances, and by doing so, you will realize that your learners are all performing and eager to come to your classes on a daily basis. Finally, individuals who teach should understand that it is a significant responsibility that takes a lot of sacrifice on their part. They may face hurdles that may discourage them at times, but they must persevere to ensure that their students benefit from the programs that they have in place for them.


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