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Lacrosse, Volleyball and Tennis

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Lacrosse, Volleyball And Tennis
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There are three sports covered in this section. What are some of the hurdles that a student from a lower income environment will have to face to become involved in these sports? Which is the easiest of the three for lower income athletes to be involved in?  All responses must be made to Moodle and submitted in PDF Format. 150 word minimum, please include your name, date, class, subject, professor’s name and any applicable references. Title information is not considered part of the word count.

Volleyball, Lacrosse, Tennis and Golf: Resources and Links Volleyball: Types and Basics http://ffden- 2.phys.uaf.edu/webproj/211_fall_2014/Kelsey_Lindahl/Lindahl_Kelsey/3%2 0%20Types%20of%20Volleyball.html Lacrosse: Origins and Basics Lacrosse has its origins in a tribal game played by eastern Woodlands Native Americans and by some Plains Indians tribes in what is now the United States of America and Canada. The game was extensively modified by European colonizers to North America to create its current collegiate and professional form. https://worldlacrosse.sport/about-world-lacrosse/origin-history/ https://www.uslacrosse.org/about-the-sport/history Track & Field: Basics Track and field is one of the oldest of sports. Athletic contests were often held in conjunction with religious festivals, as with the Olympic Games of ancient Greece. For 11 centuries, starting in 776 B.C., these affairs — for men only — were enormously popular and prestigious events. http://www.carifta2012.com/the -history-of -athletics -track-and-field -history/ https://www.topendsports.com/sport/athletics/events.htm Tennis Types of tennis match

● 2.1 Ca na dia n double s . ● 2.2 Aus tra lia n double s / Am e ric a n double s . ● 2.3 J orda c he te nnis . ● 2.4 Whe e lc ha ir te nnis . ● 2.5 Vis ua lly im pa ire d te nnis . ● 2.6 Mini-te nnis .http://ffden-2.phys.uaf.edu/webproj/211_fall_2014/Kelsey_Lindahl/Lindahl_Kelsey/3%20%20Types%20of%20Volleyball.htmlhttp://ffden-2.phys.uaf.edu/webproj/211_fall_2014/Kelsey_Lindahl/Lindahl_Kelsey/3%20%20Types%20of%20Volleyball.htmlhttp://ffden-2.phys.uaf.edu/webproj/211_fall_2014/Kelsey_Lindahl/Lindahl_Kelsey/3%20%20Types%20of%20Volleyball.htmlhttps://worldlacrosse.sport/about-world-lacrosse/origin-history/https://www.uslacrosse.org/about-the-sport/historyhttp://www.carifta2012.com/the-history-of-athletics-track-and-field-history/https://www.topendsports.com/sport/athletics/events.htm

Type s of te nnis c ourts : https :/ / www.e rthe o.c om / blog/ e n/ type -te nnis -c ourts / Type s of te nnis pla ye rs & how to be a t the m : https :/ / www.te nnis 4be ginne rs .c om / 7- type s -of-te nnis -pla ye rs -a nd-how-to-be a t-the m /https://www.ertheo.com/blog/en/type-tennis-courts/com/7-types-of-tennis-players-and-how-to-beat-them/”>https://www.tennis4beginners.com/7-types-of-tennis-players-and-how-to-beat-them/https://www.tennis4beginners.com/7-types-of-tennis-players-and-how-to-beat-them

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