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Click here to watch the film The Social Dilemma (Links to an external site.). The full film is available on YouTube for a limited time. You can also watch via Netflix.

Based on the film’s premise, write a narrative essay that tells a personal story of your own experience with digital technology. Because this is a narrative essay, you’ll want to write about a specific moment, incident, or feeling; do not write a general piece on technology, an argument, or a mere exploration of the subject. Tell a story as though you’re talking to a friend, but with good grammar.

When you brainstorm for your paper, think of things like missed connections, distraction, “cat fishing,” superficial online relationships, instantaneous connections, access to information, reunions via social media, social media induced envy, global connections, diminishing intelligence (because we can Google everything), social media/tech burnout, and instant gratification.

This is the only essay assignment that can be written from a first-person point-of-view (using I/we).


Use at least 3 direct quotes from The Social Dilemma (Links to an external site.) in your paper.

Cite Links to an external site. (Links to an external site.)The Social Dilemma (Links to an external site.) and any other source(s) you use in MLA bibliographic style.

750 – 1000 words

typed double-spaced

font size no larger than 12 points

1-inch margins

Achtung, baby! (<– This means take heed.):

Even if this topic excites you to become an essay writing machine, do not submit your essay before completing the Weekly Discussion Forums by 11/7/21. The Discussions will help you work through your paper in steps, ultimately leading you to write a stronger essay.

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