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Topic 2 DQ 1

Individuals have what are considered to be standards and beliefs determined by many factors, whether expressed or not, such as age, gender, culture, and life experiences (Falvo, 2010, p. 83). When considering how to educate a patient, a patients beliefs need to be addressed to avoid refusal of information provided. In the case of Sister Mary, she has dedicated her life to religious services. She has sworn vows to live by. Considerations to make when educating her about a neural and physical exam and also CT is to give her step by step instructions of how each will be performed. She may not want certain interventions completed due to the nature of having to show parts of the body she normally has covered up. Being sensitive to these factors must be acknowledged and addressed.

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Psychosocial Factors And Patient Education
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Sister Mary is a patient in Level 2 Emergency Department. She must have a neural examination, physical assessment, radiographs of her facial bones, and a computed tomography scan of the head. Taking into consideration that she is a Roman Catholic nun, what would be the ideal course of patient education as this woman progresses from department to department?

Using 200-300 words APA format with at least two references. Sources must be published within the last 5 years

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