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Project 1: Mobile Device Management (MDM) Policy Step 8: Complete the Evaluating Cyber Policy eLearning Module

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Project 1 Step 10 Update The MDM Policy Framework
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After creating a list of crucial concerns and documenting issues of policy alignment, you are ready to evaluate the current MDM policy. Complete the  Evaluating Cyber Policy eLearning Module  for guidance on developing a course of action or strategy for updating the current MDM policy for the organization. Document noteworthy concepts, steps, or strategies that will help update the MDM policy in later steps.

In the next step, you will consider any chain of custody impacts to the policy.

Project 1: Mobile Device Management (MDM) Policy Step 9: Address Chain of Custody

After reviewing the process of evaluating cyber policy in the previous step, you are nearly ready to update the MDM policy. Keeping in mind the demands should a breach occur, address two primary aspects of this concern:

· mobile device risk reduction (management of mobile device risk) from the employee/consultant perspective

¬∑ highlighting the portion of your policies that addresses the “chain of custody” requirements if an investigation is required

Document your thoughts to be included in the updated MDM policy framework in the next step.

Project 1: Mobile Device Management (MDM) Policy Step 10: Update the MDM Policy Framework

You are finally ready to update the MDM policy framework. Develop final written comments for presentation at the next standards body meeting. Include any perspectives on evaluation strategy and chain of custody from the previous two steps. These comments should be between two and three pages, and should include a paragraph on your thoughts about how your comments will be received and whether or not they will have an impact on the regulations/standards, etc. Submit the MDM policy framework for feedback. This framework will serve as the basis for your presentation, and will be assessed as part of the final Project. Name the files Appendix 1, Appendix 2, etc.

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