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  Discuss the major differences between surgical and medical asepsis and how they differ in the nursing care of a patient. Provide the rationale for each example, as well as an example of when each would be used. Remember that your posts must exhibit appropriate writing mechanics, including formal language, grammar, and punctuation. You must use APA references and citations within your post. (Minimum of 250 words excluding references) 

The major difference between surgical and medical asepsis is;

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Surgical asepsis, with surgical asepsis, disease causing agents and their spores from the surface of an object is completely eliminated. Surgical asepsis is a more complex process than its counterpart. The proper maintenance and preparation of the environment, surgical equipment, personnel involved in the procedure as well as the adequate cleaning of the surgical site are very vital factors to be taken care of when surgical asepsis is carried out. Sterile techniques are followed in changing dressings of a wound, catheterization, and surgeries.

Medical asepsis the reduction of the number of disease causing agent and their spread. Hand washing is an important aspect of the medical asepsis. If you are a healthcare professional it is good to keep your nails short and always make sure that breaches of the skin are properly covered. Wash the hands in running water with soap. This procedure is carried out in the administration of enemas, medications, tube feedings, etc.

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