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 This assignment will be submitted via slide presentation

  • For this assignment, pretend to be leading a team that is addressing a group of people who have recently experienced a trauma ( sexual assault ).  
    • Be creative here and come up with a scenario. Explain the scenario   
  • Design a strategy for how you and your team will address the needs of that population the general outline below to be followed: 
    • What did this client or population experience? 
    • What are the resulting behaviors? In other words, how are they acting because of what happened? Why is this a problem? 
    • What is the desired behavior? In other words, what do you want them to find (peace, hope, safety)? 
    • What do they need? What can you (as the Human Services Professional) provide? How can you and your team be of assistance?  
    • Where will you find funding (donations, state, federal funding, etc.)? 
    • What paths to recovery can be taken (yoga, EMDR, drumming classes, etc.) and why did you choose these paths?   
    • Create a timeline with specific dates outlining how you will help this population and implement the paths to recovery. 
    • Justify why your plan will be effective. 

Be thorough in answering each prompt above.

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