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  21FA CGF32 LECTURE INFO 1120 Microcomputer Applications |  

 Access 2019 Skills Approach – Ch 3 Challenge Yourself 3.3 

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  1. Open the start file AC2019-ChallengeYourself-3-3.
  2. If the database opens in Protected View, click the Enable Content button in the Message Bar at the top of the database so you can modify it.
  3. Create a new query named: GreenhouseTechsFT
    1. Add all the fields from the Employees table.
    2. The query should list all employees whose Position begins with the word greenhouse and whose weekly hours are greater than or equal to 20. Hint: Include a wildcard character in the criterion for the Position field.
    3. Modify the query design so results are sorted alphabetically by last name.
    4. Add the MaintenanceLog table to this query and include the MaintenanceDate field after the WeeklyHours field.
    5. Run the query to review the results. There should be 16 records in the results.
    6. Save and close the query.
  4. Export the GreenhouseTechsFT query to an Excel spreadsheet.
    1. Name the Excel file: GreenhouseTechsFT
    2. Include formatting and layout.
    3. Save the export steps with the name: GreenhouseTechsFTExport
  5. Create a new query named: NewPlants.
    1. Add all the fields from the Plants table except ScientificName.
    2. The query should list all white or blue colored plants whose DatePlanted is greater than or equal to 1/1/2019.
    3. Modify the query design so results are sorted by values in the DatePlanted field with the newest plants listed first.
    4. Run the query to review the results. There should be three records in the results.
    5. Save and close the query.
  6. Export the NewPlants query to a text file.
    1. Name the text file: NewPlants
    2. Use Tab as the delimiter.
    3. Include the field names in the first row.
    4. Save the export steps with the name: NewPlantsExport
  7. Create a new query named: RedPlantSale
    1. Add the following fields from the Plants table to the query: CommonName, PrimaryColor, PurchasePrice
    2. Select only those plants with a red color, but don’t show this field in the query results.
    3. Add a calculated field that displays a sale price that is 75 percent of the purchase price. Hint: Use an expression that calculates the value of the PurchasePrice field multiplied by 0.75. Use the name SalePrice for the new field.
    4. Run the query to review the results. There should be five records in the results.
    5. Save and close the query.
  8. Use the Find Unmatched Query Wizard to create a new query that identifies the plants that have no entry in the MaintenanceLog.
    1. Include all fields from the Plants table except the PlantID.
    2. Name this query: PlantsMissingMaintenance
    3. Review the query results. There should be 15 records in the results.
    4. Close the query.
  9. Create a new parameter query named: PlantsByColor
    1. Add the following fields from the Plants table to the query: CommonName, PrimaryColor, DatePlanted, PurchasePrice
    2. Configure the PrimaryColor field so the user is prompted to enter the primary plant color with this message: Enter plant color
    3. Test the query using the color violet. There should be three records in the results.
    4. Save and close the query.
  10. Open the MaintenanceLog table. Apply a filter that shows only those plants that have been watered and pruned. Close the table. There should be one record in the results.
  11. Close the database and exit Access.
  12. Upload and save your project file.
  13. Submit project for grading.
11782741MillerGary202-555-1234Greenhouse Tech 220
23605379SingletonJasmin301-555-1045Greenhouse Tech 220
31269314RojasPaola301-555-2430Greenhouse Tech 130
68023812BarnesDale202-555-4455Greenhouse Tech 135
77813350RussellGeorge703-555-4456Greenhouse Tech 315
AGPU5GerardiaAgalinis purpureaViolet4/11/19¤ 4.50
ALFA2White colicrootAletris farinosaWhite4/8/17¤ 7.50
AMTA2Eastern bluestarAmsonia tabernaemontanaBlue5/1/19¤ 7.50
ANBEWind-flowerAnemone berlandieriViolet4/10/16¤ 4.00
AQCAEastern red columbineAquilegia canadensisRed3/28/13¤ 8.25
ASTUButterflyweedAsclepias tuberosaOrange3/31/15¤ 11.50
BAALWhite wild indigoBaptisia albaWhite4/15/07¤ 6.25
BAAUBlue wild indigoBaptisia australisBlue5/5/18¤ 6.25
COERWidow’s tearsCommelina erectaBlue5/5/18¤ 4.95
COGL2Coastal tickseedCoreopsis gladiataYellow4/20/16¤ 3.15
COLA5Lanceleaf tickseedCoreopsis lanceolataYellow5/11/16¤ 5.25
CONU5Georgia tickseedCoreopsis nudataPink3/31/15¤ 3.15
GAPUFirewheelGaillardia pulchellaRed3/31/15¤ 5.50
GEMASpotted geraniumGeranium maculatumViolet9/15/15¤ 4.50
HEDE4Beach sunflowerHelianthus debilisYellow4/18/16¤ 3.50
IPRU2Standing cypressIpomopsis rubraRed4/20/16¤ 6.50
KOVISeashore mallowKosteletzkya virginicaWhite4/30/19¤ 8.25
LOCA2Cardinal flowerLobelia cardinalisRed4/30/19¤ 9.50
LUPE3Wild lupineLupinus perennisBlue4/30/19¤ 5.85
MOFIWild bergamotMonarda fistulosaPink4/30/19¤ 3.50
MOPUHorsemintMonarda punctataWhite4/20/16¤ 4.90
PECO4Wild foxglovePenstemon cobaeaWhite5/11/16¤ 2.90
PHNITrailing phloxPhlox nivalisPink3/29/09¤ 2.50
RHAL4Savannah meadowbeautyRhexia alifanusPink3/31/15¤ 1.90
RHCA7Wild azaleaRhododendron canescensWhite4/10/16¤ 10.50
RHVIHandsome HarryRhexia virginicaPink4/8/17¤ 6.80
RUHI2Black-eyed SusanRudbeckia hirtaYellow4/20/16¤ 3.15
SACO5Scarlet sageSalvia coccineaRed4/8/17¤ 8.20
YUFIAdam’s needleYucca filamentosaWhite5/5/18¤ 10.90

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