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the instruction is in the document I attached.

Do the cultural and economic analysis of FRANCE, and also write  How would you do/start business in this country

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France Analysis
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cover all the elements in the instruction 

write 13-15 pages

Master level assignment, need a lot research and deep analysis

The Study Abroad Capstone will be a 10-115 page write up on France

Outline of project:


I. Introduction

II. Brief on country’s relevant history

III. Demographic characteristics

IV. Geographical setting

V. Social institutions

VI. Religion and aesthetics

VII. Living conditions


I. Introduction

II. Population

III. Economic statistics and activity

a. Gross National Product (GNP or GDP)

b. Personal income per capita

c. Average family income

d. Distribution of wealth

e. Surface transportation

f. Communication systems

g. Working conditions

h. Principle industries

3. Any Trade restrictions

How would you do business in this country? 

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