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Professor’s response:

Good afternoon, Students,

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I have begun grading your case analysis from Week 1 of ACC 695.  I have not yet completed 50% of them.  However, there are a few recurring themes I have noticed, and as you work on your week 2 cases, I wanted to reiterate a few items:

1) Please read/reread the rubric for how the cases are graded.  There are 4 components to your grade: 1) Effective research, worth 26% of the grade, Most Appropriate Alternative, worth 50% of the grade, 3)Citations cited appropriately using the APA format, worth 16%, and 4) Grammatical Style, worth 8% of your grade.  

2) As it related to effective research, you should be supporting your answer with the proper guidance to back it up.  I strongly encourage you to use the Student Guides, which give great starting points for the research to help guide you to the correct place.  Additionally, please consult the proper APA guidelines when you cite sources, which can be found under “Course Resources Documents“, under “APA Reference Guide”.  A few key items:  You must include a reference page listing all sources you used. The sources must be properly cited within the body of your paper.  Just stating “This complies with guidance ABC” is not sufficient writing / research.  You need to pull the content yourself and incorporate it into the paper, supporting why your response is accurate (using the guidance and the information provided in the case).

3) Make sure you clearly answer ALL questions / parts of the case.  I am seeing several partial answers, where you acknowledge that the questions are multi-parts.  However, the question is not being answered in its entirety.

Please keep these items in mind as you work on the case for Week 2.  

As a ONE TIME occurrence only, I will allow you to re-work your case for Week 1, and submit it by Saturday night, November 6, 2021 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.  However, I need to know as soon as possible if you wish to re-work your case or not.

Please advise no later than tomorrow night, Wednesday November 3, midnight Pacific Time.  If I do not hear from you, I will accept your first submission as your final submission for this assignment.

11/2/21, 11:23 PMWeek One Assignment: Case 13-9 – ACC695M Cases in Accounting & Auditing – National University

Page 1 of 3https://nationalu.brightspace.com/d2l/lms/dropbox/user/folder_submit_files.d2l?ou=16950&isprv=0&db=66867&cfql=1

Weekly Case Analysis Rubric Course: ACC695M Cases in Accounting & Auditing


Overall Score

Criteria Proficient Competent Novice Not Acceptable

Effective Research

Most Appropriate


Citations cited appropriately

using APA format.

Grammatical Style

33.8 points

Work is distinguished by its

completeness, thoroughness, and


27.04 points

Level of work is best

characterized as solid, well

thought out, and dependable


23.66 points

Meeting minimum requirements

of written work.

0 points

Assignment is not turned in or for

work that does not meet

minimum requirements.

65 points

All major and minor criteria are

covered and are accurate.

52.04 points

For the written paper, most major

and some minor criteria are

included. Information is accurate.

45.5 points

For the written paper, all major

topics are covered, the

information is accurate.

0 points

Major points omitted or

addressed minimally.

20.8 points

Multiple and varied citations

including research articles and

codification. Citations format is

correct. APA format followed


16.64 points

Cited appropriately primarily from

course resources, but also a few

other references including the

codification are used. Citation

format is correct. APA format is

followed consistently.

14.56 points

Cited appropriately from course

resources. No other references.

APA format followed minimally.

0 points

Information presented lacks or

inappropriately cites references/

sources. APA format not


10.4 points

Spelling and grammar are


8.32 points

Spelling and grammar are


7.28 points

Spelling and grammar have a few


0 points

Multiple grammatical and spelling


Level 4 11 points minimum

Level 3 8 points minimum

Level 2 5 points minimum

Level 1 0 points minimum

11/2/21, 11:23 PMWeek One Assignment: Case 13-9 – ACC695M Cases in Accounting & Auditing – National University

Page 2 of 3https://nationalu.brightspace.com/d2l/lms/dropbox/user/folder_submit_files.d2l?ou=16950&isprv=0&db=66867&cfql=1

11/2/21, 11:23 PMWeek One Assignment: Case 13-9 – ACC695M Cases in Accounting & Auditing – National University

Page 3 of 3https://nationalu.brightspace.com/d2l/lms/dropbox/user/folder_submit_files.d2l?ou=16950&isprv=0&db=66867&cfql=1

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