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For this assignment, you will propose a topic that you wish to research throughout the duration 

of this course. The topic you propose will be the basis of the research series which includes the 

research paper, interview, and slideshow presentation. Choose your topic carefully and make 

sure, it is squarely within the realm of mental health crisis intervention and not counseling or 



When selecting your topic, keep the following requirements in mind:

It must be suitable for crisis care / crisis intervention and not counseling, psychotherapy, 

or other fields. Remember that our focus is on psychological / mental health effects / 

dynamics / symptoms, and how we can address them.

You must identify a topic that is do-able prior to our deadline.

 In addition to your topic, you must identify the target developmental age group that you 

will explore with your topic. For example: Crisis Intervention with Adolescent Survivors 

of Date Rape. Here, your developmental age group is “adolescent,” and your overall 

crisis topic is “date rape.”

The topic must not have been chosen by another classmate. You are approved on a first 

come, first serve basis.

Remember that there is an interview component to this research series so don’t pick 

something so rare or unusual that you can’t find an appropriate interviewee in your 

community as that will trip you up later in the course.

Read the directions carefully and make sure that you have selected an appropriate topic and have 

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