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TO:              Dr. Coulter – Harris


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SUBJECT:    Research Proposal on…………

DATE:          14 November, 2014

Research Proposal on…………


Write three or four sentences that introduce the topic and the importance of your research.


Who is your specific audience?

Past Research on Topic

Please identify and explain past research on your topics, and all arguments that have already been presented. Explain how your research will enter the controversy from a unique angle.

Statement of Problem

Write several sentences that explain the issues involved in your topic. Why is your topic of global or national importance? What is the basic problem/issue involved? What are the solutions you have come up with to solve the problem?

Proposed Study

Here you will give an overall synopsis of your planned research and the main points to be discussed. Somewhere in this paragraph you can state a general attitude toward the topic. Do not try to write a thesis, as this will come after you have completed your research and tested alternative hypotheses.


To analyze ____________________________________, I/we will begin by answering the following questions:

         Here you will bullet a list of questions (about 8-10) that will serve as a basis for your research exploration.

         These should be questions that your audience will need to know the answers to in order to agree with your proposition.


Top of Form

Here you list how and where you will conduct your research. Primary sources come from library, library databases, academic articles etc. Be specific about what you will use. Secondary sources will come from interviews, Internet articles, and selected graphics for the project.

My Qualifications

Write something like: My only qualifications are a genuine interest, an inquisitiveness nature, and a desire to succeed. Or, if you are writing on a military topic and have served in the military or in law enforcement, state those qualifications, as these give you a stronger ethos.


Wrap up the proposal by stating the main goal of your paper, and then state something like, “With your approval, I will continue my research.  Any suggestions are appreciated.

Bottom of Form

FROM: Eric Gest

TO: Dr. Coulter-Harris

SUBJECT: Research Proposal

DATE: 25 March 2013

Research Proposal on the Water Crisis in Vietnam


Organisms on Earth must have water in order to survive; however, too much water may lead to other problems which make it difficult to survive. Many people either do not have an interest in understanding what problems Vietnam is facing, or do not feel that Vietnam is a major topic of their interest. The truth is, although the problems that Vietnam faces in its water crisis is very similar to other countries worldwide. This information will be listed throughout the paper along with ways that Vietnam is improving on these issues.


The audience for this paper is the United States Department of Agriculture, along with many other organizations in the United States that are interested in international news, those individuals who live in Vietnam or have family in Vietnam, and those individuals who have an interest in knowing and understanding what is going on in the world around them.

Past Research on Topic

[Students in Comp I online: Try to assess and make brief statements about what has been written on the topic you are researching, and list the types of analysis others have written. The student in this proposal did this section incorrectly.] I do not have any past experience in research of any water crisis or Vietnam. I just have a strong interest in learning more about the country and the problems that are occurring there because I have many friends who are from Vietnam. My research will enter the controversy by explaining the current water crisis in Vietnam from an outsider’s prospective.

Statement of Problem

Currently, there are many instances of drought and flooding occurring in Vietnam. This topic is of national and global importance because, even though these problems are occurring in Vietnam, they are also occurring in many other countries worldwide. When it is understood how to handle these problems in Vietnam, other countries, that are witnessing these same problems, will understand how to fix the problems.

Proposed Study

There is currently an increase in total rainfall in Vietnam, but there has been a decrease in the rainfall during the dry season lately. Vietnam is a very poor country and many have suffered from proper nutrition and health because of a poor economy. It will be stated how the water crisis affects the Vietnamese, especially poor individuals within the country. Many possible solutions will be explained along with how their progress has been for helping fix these problems that have occurred.


To analyze the water crises that are currently occurring in Vietnam, I will begin by answering the following questions:

· What are the current water crises that are occurring today in Vietnam?

· How did these issues arise?

· What has been done to correct these issues?

· How has been affected by these issues?

· Are any governmental regulations helping correct these problems?

· Are other countries doing anything to assist Vietnam in fixing these issues?

· What ways have done the most work fixing these problems?

· Are other problems arising due to these issues that are unrelated to water?

· What are some of the recent major impacts from these problems?

· Are schools and children being affected by these problems?


The primary sources I plan to use will be articles found of the library databases provided by the University of Toledo’s libraries. The secondary sources, the major, I plan to use will come from articles that have been found from the reliable sources that were provided by the professor, which I will then analyze before inserting into the report.

My Qualifications

As stated before my only qualification in this research is an interest in learning more about what is occurring in Vietnam because of personal ties to the country. I also have an interest in learning about how current water problems are being corrected because many of the same problems occur in different countries.


Water is an important substance needed for life. Since I have never researched water issues before and how it has resolved, it is a great assignment for the readers and me to understand a problem that sounds simple, but can be very difficult to solve. By doing this assignment on Vietnam, that is a very poor country, it is important to see how it is correcting these issues. It is beneficial in case these problems ever occur in another country. If Vietnam can correct these problems without many resources, it should be simple for larger, wealthier countries to also correct these issues the same way. With your approval, I will continue my research and any suggestions are appreciated.

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