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I attached a file contains a project related to Database Management System

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Database Management
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Pg. 02Question One

Project Report

Deadline: Thursday 9/12/2021 @ 23:59

[Total Mark for this Assignment is 10]

Database Management System


College of Computing and Informatics

The Scenario

Volunteer Management System

National volunteer portal (nvg) is a Saudi incubator for volunteer work that provides a safe environment that serves and regulates the relationship between providers of volunteer opportunities and volunteers in the Kingdom (https://nvg.gov.sa/). You are hired as a database administer where you are responsible in developing a database to support storage and manipulation of information about volunteers, voluntary opportunities, and providers. Each voluntary provider is uniquely identified, and its organization name, location and year joined nvg are stored in the database. The opportunity details given by a provider contains title, duration, seats, status (full/ available), field, preferred gender, qualification, urgent? required skills and required age. Each opportunity has a coordinator who works in the organization. The information about the coordinator who is responsible to answer any inquiries related to an opportunity also recorded (name, email, and mobile number). Each Volunteer is uniquely identified by his/her Saudi national/iqama ID, full name, mobile number, emergency mobile number, gender, city, nationality, age, education level, total number voluntary hours. Record of each opportunity completed by a volunteer is identified by a unique id. For each completed opportunity, provider id, opportunity title, volunteer id, start date, end date, start time, end time, and total number of hours are stored in the database.

Special project instructions:

· This project is a group activity, and each group can have (min three students, max four students). You should answer the questions in this project as a group.

· The Each group member MUST submit the project individually with all group member names mentioned in the cover page.  Due date is 09-Dec-2021, 11:59PM.

· Students can use any relational DBMS (MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, DB2 etc.) for database creation and manipulation.

· Students are required to answer all the following questions based on the above scenario.

Question One2.5 MarksLearning Outcome(s):Develop a standard database using DBMS.

You are required to submit:

· An Entity Relationship (ER) diagram with appropriate relationships and cardinalities. (1Mark)

· Relational model mapped from the ER diagram using any relational DBMS. (1Mark)

· Populate each relation with at least 5 records. Submit the snapshot of each relation with records. (0.5Mark)

Question Two3.5 MarksLearning Outcome(s):Analyze algorithms for query processing.

· Write a SQL query that for every opportunity located in ‘Riyadh’ retrieve the provider’s name, opportunity title, volunteer name, volunteer nationality for those of age greater than 25 years old. You are required to submit the SQL queries and the snapshot of the results. (1Mark)

· Translate the above query to a relational algebra expression. (0.5Mark)

· Draw the Query tree for the above relational algebra expression. (Show all the steps) (2Mark)

Question Three2 MarksLearning Outcome(s):Recognize database file organization and indexing.

Create for any relation:

· A primary index. (1Mark)

· A clustering index. (1Mark)

You are required to submit the SQL queries and snapshots of the results.

Question Four2 MarksLearning Outcome(s):Analyze algorithms for query processing.

Create a SQL trigger that automatically update:

· Volunteer’s total number voluntary hours on each insert of a new completed opportunity. (1Mark)

· Opportunity status from available to full when there are no more seats for an extra volunteer. (1Mark)

You are required to submit the SQL queries and snapshots of the results.

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