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All topics must include a perspective from a different diversity Pivot Points.


● Employ critical thinking tools and approaches to business scenarios that lack a single correct answer.

● Articulate her/his ethical reasoning and conclusions applied in business decisions.

● Analyze and articulate the connections between business and stakeholders in society — how business affects society and how society affects business.

● Apply business communication skills in verbal and written formats.

Instructions & Format

Select one (1) topic from the list below. The topic/question should be answered with 1250-1500 words. Your paper should have sources to back up your answer and reasoning. Be sure you demonstrate critical thinking and use your own thoughts, not just those of your sources. Argument maps may be included as a separate page prior to the references. See the critical thinking paper rubric for more information.

Font should be Times New Roman, 12 point. Margins are one inch. Text is double spaced. Use APA style for citing sources and format of the paper. Be sure to use in-text citations for direct quotes. A cover page and reference page should be utilized. For more information, see the sample APA paper and information on in-text citations posted in TCU Online.

All topics must include a perspective from a different diversity Pivot Points. If you have trouble identifying what that might include, please ask your instructor!


1. As an Operations Manager, you have the opportunity to bid on a Federal contract. Before you do, you need to consider that you’ll become an Affirmative Action employer. Analyze the effectiveness of Affirmative Action programs in both intent and execution to help you decide on whether or not to bid on the contract.

2. Members of your management team are asking about bringing in diversity training for all employees. Before the team can make a decision, analyze the value of diversity training for all employees, including the cost/benefit trade-off.

3. Netflix has a policy of unlimited vacation for employees. Analyze how this impacts the business and whether your company should do the same.

4. During the pandemic, your office shut down and asked all employees to work from home. Although working from home was never discussed or considered before, this new operating reality worked well. Your management team is now faced with whether or not to renew the lease on your office space. Analyze and consider the facts and issues with having all employees return to the office or remain working remotely.

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