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Fourth Paper Assignment SPTH 3075 Fall, 2021

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Due Date: November 1, 2021, by 11:59pm. Turn in one copy of the paper and a copy of your outline, and the EBP Reviews (for four current articles) to Dr. Polite electronically to Brightspace. (40 pts) Topic: For this assignment, students will write a paper that includes four peer-reviewed journal articles from the four journal articles that they have already used to complete EBPs. To clarify, in Paper 1, students were required to write a one-page paper on one (1) of the articles. In Paper 4, students will use all of their current sources (i.e., four articles collected) to write a four-page paper about their topic.

Preparing for Writing: The paper should focus on analyzing and integrating information from the articles. DO NOT write a “museum tour” where each article is discussed separately in different paragraphs. Integrate the information together in your outline before you write. The paper needs to cover the following areas. Introduction: A one-paragraph introduction needs to introduce the reader to the main topic(s) of the paper. Things to consider including are answers to the following: Why is this topic important? What is the main purpose of your paper? Gradually introduce the reader to the topic and provide some context for understanding the articles. Main Text: Pretend that the person who reads your paper has never read these articles. What key points would your reader need to learn about in order to understand the information? Organize your writing around those themes. Don’t waste time providing research details that aren’t necessary to understand the key points being addressed. Like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, provide enough detail to make sense of the information, but not so much as to overwhelm the reader.

Conclusion: After discussing the main themes, wrap up with a conclusion. Be sure to tie your conclusion to the introduction.

Writing Mechanics and Formatting Length: The entire paper should be no longer than four pages. Formatting: Use a 12-point font, standard double-spacing, 1 inch margins. Title Page: The paper should include a title page. See APA text p. 32, for an example.

First Page: The first page should contain a centered title, followed by a blank line, then the text of the paper. See APA p. 48 for examples.

References: The articles should be cited and placed in a reference list at the end of the paper. Style: All APA rules should be followed for headers, citations, references, etc. Use your APA manual! Grading: The paper will be graded on the following criteria: (a) Quality of the Introduction (5 pts) (b) Clarity and selection of content (5 pts) (d) Organization: of paragraphs and the paper as a whole (10 pts) (e) Writing Style (5 pts) (f) Writing Mechanics (5 pts) (g) APA Rules (5 pts) (h) Outline (5 pts)

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