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Write a 2- to 3-page reflection paper on your Time Management skills and how you can go about improving them. Review the strategies recommended for preventing and overcoming procrastination on pp. 78-80 from Chapter 4 of  Thriving at Trident . Use at least two strategies from the chapter and at least one strategy from an additional source of your choice.

The American Psychological Association (APA) writing style will be used throughout your tenure at Trident. It is important to provide scholarly work and support your opinion with research. It is time to start preparing for future courses. There is no penalty for incorrect in-text citations or references, but you must try. This assignment allows you to learn how to use APA correctly. The following resource is provided for your use and convenience:

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Trident APA Guide:  https://careered.libguides.com/tui/library/apa

Your paper should be personal and specific. Dr. Aaron Thompson’s reflections provide a good example for what we are looking for in a paper. You will include the following in your paper:

1. Create a Title Page (refer to Trident APA Guide ). You are NOT required to include an Abstract but may attempt.

2. Create an Essay Your essay will include:

a. An Introductory paragraph (what the paper will be about and provide the three time management strategies that will be covered)

b. A Supporting Body (a paragraph with personal examples for each time management strategy; 2 strategies from Thriving at Trident and 1 external web source) There should be in-text citations for the three strategies and the sources listed on the Reference List page.

c. A Conclusion paragraph that recaps.

d. There will be a TOTAL of at least 5 paragraphs. IMPORTANT: Each of the paragraphs should be 4 or 5 sentences in length.

3. Create a Reference List (i.e., Thriving at Trident and at least one additional source of your choice. Your paper should be double spaced using 12-point font, Times New Roman, and 1-inch margins around all sides.

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