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Who is the Target Market? Be specific and explain why this is a good fit. You can speak about demographics, psychographics, EQ profiles or a mix of all three. It is very important for the reader to understand who you are targeting and why. This drives everything (5pts)

2) What is your core message? 

What is it that you want to convey to your target market, what is their takeaway or what promise are you making to them.

a. What is your big message you want to convey? (2pt)

b. What hashtag will you use? (1pt)

i.e.: Think about Contiki… It sells small group tours uniquely to 18-35 year olds. Contiki’s messaging is based on the idea that millennials spend less on things and more on experiences, they are playing on the idea of Fear of missing out #TravelGoals

Assignment #4:

VIA Rails Itinerary

HOSP – 1013 Introduction to Tourism

School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts


Mikayla Rowe: 0365540

Quynh Tran: 0363204

Phat Nguyen: 0348305

Due Date: October 31st, 2021

Instructor: Roselle Turenne


Family’s Explore Winnipeg is a new experiential tour that has come to Winnipeg for family’s interested in learning more about this beautiful city in a family friendly way with many fun adventures for all ages. It includes activities for all different interest. From museums to outdoor activities and much more. All attractions and activities are suitable for all different ages and interest. There’s something for everyone. This tour is a family tour, but not in the way you think. This doesn’t only bring joy and fun to the little ones but also has activities for their parents and guardians which can also make them feel like they are young again! This tour is an experiential tour as it involves many different opportunities all over the city. It includes many of the most popular attractions which is available to all ages and cultures.

Train travellers that are traveling as a family (any different age groups) would be the type of travellers that would be interested and attracted to this type of tour as is it built for all ages (even little ones) and is family friendly.

This tour would be a great idea for family travellers with younger kids as the “capital of Manitoba has so many FUN places to go with kids” (Family Days Out, n.d.). Museums which include “education and fun” (Family Days Out, n.d.) for kids and adults. There aren’t just indoor activities here in Winnipeg, there is also many “incredible outdoor, and beautiful wildlife” (Family Days Out, n.d.) everywhere. Plus our Assiniboine Park Zoo which is “home to a polar bear cub rescue program” (Moore, 2021) they “host nearly a dozen bears” (Moore, 2021) which is a huge hit for all families and is included in this tour with a behind the scenes tour guide.

The Tour Package:

Attractions included in this tour includes multiple different types of museums, behind the scenes zoo experience, visiting the famous forks downtown, walks around our beautiful parks as well as many different small chain or privately owned restaurants located around Winnipeg. Each customer will get a voucher for each attraction and place you visit instead of having to use cash when arriving at destinations. You get to eat at many different restaurants with different cultures behind them. From Italian, to Asian to American and much more. Plus visiting two different local bakeries. An extra attraction item can be added onto this tour for a price of $30 per person. This attraction is U-Puttz amusement center. It has activities from laser tag to mini golfing, lots to do for the whole family.

This tour also includes several different memorabilia articles and souvenirs from different attractions that we will visit (keychains, stuffed animals etc.). The itinerary below will show you the planned three days with restaurants and attractions. While you look at the itinerary, you can see that your days will be filled with lots of family fun. All attractions and restaurants are planned fairly close to each other for easy accessibility for our customers. During your travel, you will be provided with a rental car which will be picked up from the rental shop which is only a 5-minute walk away from VIA Rails. With this option, it will be even more accessible to all. As well as a hotel located in downtown Winnipeg which is close to everything, includes free continental breakfast, a pool a much more perks to enjoy.


Day 1Day 2Day 3Final Day
MORNING· 8am Train Arrival Via Rail· Pick up car @ 9am· Go to hotel/check in @ 9:30 am· Breakfast @ 10:30 am· Forks market @ 11:30 am· Free time to explore the forks @ 12:30 pm· Breakfast @ 9:00 am· Huma Rights Museum @ 10:30 am· Breakfast @ 9:30 am· Kildonan Park Walk @ 10:30 am· Breakfast @ 8:00 am· Check out of hotel @ 8:45 am· Children’s Museum @ 9:30 am· Return rental car @ 11:15 am· Train station @ 11:30 am· Noon Train Departure
AFTERNOON· Asian hot pot @ 1 pm· Forks rivers walk @ 2:30 pm· Jenna Rae Cakes @ 4:15 pm· Colosseo Ristorante Italiano @ 1 pm· Assiniboine Park Zoo @ 2:30 pm· Assiniboine Park Zoo: Behind the Scenes Zoo Tours @ 3:45· 9 Below and Charlie Burgers @ 11:45 am· Art Gallery @ 1:30 pmX
EVENING· Old Spaghetti Factory @ 5 pm· Hotel @ 7 pm· Free time/relax @ 7:30 pm· Stella’s (Grant) @ 5:30 pm· (Extra/Optional) U-Puttz Amusement center @ 7:30 pm (Instead of Free time)· Hotel @ 7:30 pm· Free time/relax @ 8:00 pm· Captain’s table @ 4:30 pm· Cake-ology @ 6:00 pm· Hotel @ 7:00 pm· Pool @ 8:00 pmX
ACCOMMODATIONHumphry Inn Humphry Inn Humphry Inn
Restaurants· Asian hot pot· Old Spaghetti Factory· Colosseo Ristorante Italiano· Stella’s (Grant)· 9 Below and Charlie burgers· Captain’s Table
Main TransportationRental CarRental CarRental CarRental Car


Attraction:Cost per person:Hours:
Human Rights MuseumVoucher (Adult: $18)Voucher (Youth: $8)Monday – ClosedTuesday-Saturday – 10-5
Winnipeg Art GalleryVoucher (Adult: $18)Voucher (Youth: Free)Monday – ClosedTuesday-Sunday – 11-5
Assiniboine Park ZooVoucher (Adult: $21.50)Voucher (Youth: $12)Monday-Sunday – 9-4
Assiniboine Park Zoo: Behind the Scenes Zoo ToursVoucher (General Admission: $75)Monday-Sunday – 9-4
Children’s MuseumVoucher (General Admission: $11)Thursday-Sunday – 9:30-4:30
Across the board game and caféVoucher (Adult: $10)Voucher (Youth: $6)Tuesday-Sunday – 11-10
The forks marketFree accessMonday-Sunday – 7-11
The forks river walksFree24/7
Kildonan ParkFree24/7
Pool @ hotelFree, included in hotel priceMonday-Sunday – 10-10
U-Puttz Amusement Center$30 (Optional)
Restaurant:~ Cost per personHours:
Colosseo Ristorante Italiano~ $15-$20Monday-Sunday – 11-10
Stella’s (Grant)~ $20-$25Monday-Sunday – 7-10
Captain’s Table~ $15Tuesday-Saturday – 3-9
The Old Spaghetti Factory~ $15-$20Monday-Sunday – 11:30-9
9 Below and Charlie Burgers~ $10-$15Monday-Sunday – 12-8
Asian Hot pot~ $20-$25Monday-Sunday – 11:30-11
Cake-ology~ $5-$10Tuesday-Sunday – 10-5
Jenna Rae Cakes~ $5-$10Monday-Sunday 11-8
Other PricesCost per day (plus tax)Cost total (plus tax)
HotelVoucher ($155)$465
Car rental + InsuranceVoucher ($85)$340
AgeTotal cost per person(plus tax) (attractions and food)
Adult$153.50 (plus $30 if extra option is added)
Youth$127 (plus $30 if extra option is added)

Buy Now:

$1000 + $153.50 (each adult) + $127 (each youth, 12 and under) + meals

“Maximum 4 people”

Daily Breakdown:

1. During your first day in Winnipeg, you will arrive at VIA Rail at 8am, then take a 5-minute walk to Avis car rental where you will pick up your car at 9am. You will then go check into your hotel at the Humphry Inn at 9:30am and continue down to the continental breakfast at your hotel at 10:30am. At 11:30am you will drive down to the forks market where you have an hour to shop around the market. At 12:30 you will get 30 minutes of free time at the Forks. Lunch will be at the Asian Hot pot at 1pm where you will have around an hour to have lunch then you are off to the forks to take a scenic Forks River walk. At 4:15pm you will head to Jenna Rae Cakes in the Forks Market to enjoy some amazing desserts. Following this, you will have dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory at 5pm and then off to the hotel at 7pm where you will enjoy some free/relaxing time for the rest of the night.

2. Day 2 you will start off with breakfast at the hotel at 9am, then off to the Human Rights museum at 10:30am where you will get 2 hours to explore the museum. Lunch is at 1pm at Colosseo Ristorante Italiano. Assiniboine park zoo is up next where you have an hour to explore the zoo by yourself then indulge in a behind the scenes tour of the zoo at 3:45pm. After your tour you will head to Stella’s on Grant for dinner at 5:30pm. This is where your optional extra attraction comes in, if purchased you will head to U-Puttz Amusement Center at 7:30pm. If you do not purchase the extra attraction, you get free time at the hotel at 8pm.

3. During day three, you will again wake up and head to the hotels breakfast area for breakfast at 9am. Head down to Kildonan park at 10:30am for a walk around the park. After a nice long walk and some free time around Kildonan park, at 1:30pm you will head to 9 Below and Charlie Burgers for some lunch. It is off to the Winnipeg Art Gallery at 1:30pm, then to the Captain’s Table for dinner at 4:30pm. Next you are headed to Cake-ology for some dessert at 6pm. Off to the hotel at 7pm, then get ready for the hotel pool at 8pm.

4. On the final day you will wake up early and head to the hotel breakfast for 8am. Check out of the hotel by 8:45am. Off to the children’s museum at 9:30am. After a nice visit at the Children’s museum, you are headed to drop off your rental car at 11:15. Walk back to the train station and the off you go on the train at 12pm!


Partners and suppliers (websites):


· https://www.humphryinn.com (Humprhy inn)


· https://humanrights.ca (Human Rights Museum)

· https://www.wag.ca (Winnipeg Art Gallery)

· https://www.assiniboinepark.ca (Assiniboine Park Zoo)

· https://childrensmuseum.com (Children’s Museum)

· https://acrosstheboardcafe.com (Across the Board Café)

· https://www.theforks.com (The Forks)

· https://u-puttz.ca (U-Puttz Amusement Center)


· http://www.colosseo.ca (Colosseo Ristorante Italiano)

· https://www.stellas.ca (Stella’s)

· https://captainstablewinnipeg.com (Captain’s Table)

· https://oldspaghettifactory.ca (The Old Spaghetti Factory)

· https://www.9belowandcharlieburgers.com (9 Below and Charlie Burgers)

· https://www.cakeology.ca (Cake-ology)

· https://www.asianhotpotwinnipeg.com (Asian Hot Pot)

· https://jennaraecakes.com (Jenna Rae Cakes)

Rental car:

· https://www.avis.ca/en/home (Avis Car Rental)


Customers and families should consider buying this tour package as it included many popular attractions here in Winnipeg that is suitable for all ages and interests. There is something for everyone in the group to enjoy. From polar bears at the zoo, to crazy interactive activities at the children’s museum and many different local restaurants. There’s something to impress everyone. From outdoor activities enjoying our wildlife to indoor activities where you can enjoy our famous attractions. This would be a tour that would create lots of memories for many families to hold onto for many years.

This package would be a very valuable addition to Winnipeg’s tourism industry as it would bring in many more families into the city. As it seems like Winnipeg is more of a family-oriented city, this would attract more customers which would end up making more money for our attractions, restaurants and finally our tourism industry which can then end up helping us gain more money to create more attractions and build our tourism industry bigger.

References Family Days Out. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.familydaysout.com/kids-things-to-do-canada/winnipeg/mb# Moore, M. (2021, Febuary 16). Trekaroo. Retrieved from https://blog.trekaroo.com/top-10-things-to-do-in-winnipeg-canada-with-kids/

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