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Adjustment Or Refusal Letter
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Karen Smith

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Dear [addressee name]:

[One paragraph to remind her that you are responding to her complaint]

[One or two paragraphs to explain your response to the incident]

[Closing statement about how you can be contacted for further questions and end with a statement of goodwill (“I hope you will continue to patronize our business” or something similar)]


[Your name]

Manager, Taco King

This week, we are practicing another common function of correspondence: adjustment or refusal, and a common form, the letter. Be sure to look back at this week’s Reading Quiz and Activity for further information about adjustments, refusals, and letters. 

Compose an adjustment or refusal letter responding to the following scenario:

You are the manager of the local Taco King franchise. A customer has emailed you to complain about rude service she experienced yesterday. You were not present at this incident, so you only have her word to go on.

Your options are the following:

  • Offer a gift card for a free meal on her next visit
  • Tell her you will speak to the offending person
  • Tell her you will fire the person
  • Explain that the incident was a simple misunderstanding, nothing serious
  • Apologize for the incident
  • Send the issue along to corporate Taco King and have them handle the problem
  • An alternative option?

Compose your response in a letter, and use this template to follow letter format.

**Letter Template**

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