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J Higgerson


Freshman Comp

October 28, 2021

Should the Death Penalty be scrapped?

Various countries and their criminal justice processes present several correction procedures for individuals that break the law. The death penalty is one of the most discussed topics worldwide, particularly concerning whether it should be used in countries like the United States, China, and North Korea. Most individuals who get the death penalty commit murder in the US and those found trafficking drugs in China. While criminal justice systems utilize such measures to discourage lawbreakers, academics and scholars have debated this issue. Assessing the arguments supporting and opposing capital punishment is important since it offers crucial information concerning the measure and its practicality. In this sense, this essay focuses on whether the death penalty should be scrapped and intensively proposes its termination.

First, people that duly support the death sentence explain that it deters people from breaking the law, especially taking other people’s lives and trafficking drugs. According to Girelli (6), capital punishment is utilized in the hope that it has a significant impact on a specific aspect, such as reducing drug rates. Society implements particular measures to prevent people from going against established legislation. On the contrary, opponents of capital punishment explain that the punishment method does not deter or discourage potential lawbreakers. For instance, a study conducted by Jiang and Lambert (4723) presents that capital punishment is highly opposed and cannot be considered a deterrent since murders, and drug trafficking happen.

Secondly, capital punishment proponents explain that retribution is a good measure, and people who take lives must give their lives. Such death penalty supporters base their arguments on religious studies and bible teachings, such as implementing “an eye for an eye” in certain circumstances (Ziebertz and Zaccaria, 53). Capital punishment opponents counter this statement by stating that applying the death sentence as a vengeance option leads to establishing a society that idolizes brutalism. Instead of killing individuals to promote satisfaction, it would be wiser if the criminal justice system utilized a life sentence as the most desirable option. For this reason, the death penalty must be scrapped to avoid a brutal society based on violence and vengeance.

Furthermore, academics that oppose the death penalty state that it increases discrimination and high chances of executing an innocent individual. Norris and Mullinax (313) argue that wrongful convictions contribute to increased opposition to capital punishment, leading to increased pressure for its termination and reforms. However, proponents state that executing an innocent individual by chance while attempting to eliminate a potential threat to society is acceptable. In other words, there is a small price to pay to make capital punishment effective in society. Such an argument supporting the death penalty fails to consider ethics and the sanctity of life, making it more apparent that the death penalty should be scrapped.

In conclusion, the death penalty should be scrapped because it presents more questionable outcomes than preferred results. For instance, while proponents consider the punishment effective in deterring drug trafficking and murder, opponents counter by stating that murder rates have not reduced in countries that use the system, such as the US. Additionally, it should be scrapped because it promotes brutalism, which can plunge society into chaos and violence. In this sense, capital punishment should be discarded, and the life sentence should be utilized instead.

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