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DO NOT READ FROM THIS !! it is only a guide.

Presentation: You will be introducing yourself to peers you have never met.

This page explains how to make a detailed outline of a speech. It should be remembered that depending on the type of speech, the outline may vary. However, if you base your speeches on this outline you should be able to make a successful speech.

In order to make a detailed and useful outline you must understand the structure of a speech. There are three main parts to a speech: The Introduction, The Body, and The Conclusion.

  1. Header

Audience: Peers you have never met.

Analyze your audience. What do they already know about your topic? Are they interested in the topic?

  1. Introduction

Greeting and Attention getter

How will you greet the audience?

How will you get the audience’s attention?

Think of a sentence that will make the audience sit up and listen.


If the audience do not know who you are, you will not only need to introduce yourself, but you will also need to ‘establish your credibility’. This means you will have to explain to the audience why you are ‘qualified’ to speak about the subject.


Tell your audience why you think your presentation will be useful to them.


Think of a final sentence to help the audience remember your speech.

Note: that the presentation outline is not a word-for-word script for the speech but an outline of ideas to serve as an organizational and presentation tool for the speaker.

Once you have finished the outline you are then ready to start writing.

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