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People, Places, and Landscapes: GEOG 1410 Fall 2021

HW assignment # 2

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Homework 2
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Now that we are several weeks into the quarter and you have been reading the news every day, you have become familiar with decision and controversy associated with pulling our troops from Afghanistan – it is a topic that has also come up in class. Reflecting on your own values, judgments, and opinions about the conflict, write up a one page memo to the President of the United States with your thoughts on what should have been done. You choice is binary – remain or withdrawal all troops – and your memo will demonstrate and understanding of the consequences of that decision. Hint: Your decision should be the very first sentence of the memo. Get to the point!

Obviously, you cannot address all of these ideas, but there are some very clear and obvious implications for either choice – for full credit you need to address a few of them. And your reasoning needs to be coherent. Some of the issues that need to be considered include the following:

If you choose to stay! How will you pay for it? How will you convince our war-fatigued country to support your position? What is the end game – when do we leave (under what conditions)? What should we do about terrorists cells in other countries where we have chosen not to engage (think Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Libya or others)? What is victory? Etc…

If you choose to withdraw! How will you deal with a fragile Pakistan next door? What will our response be to the Taliban coming back to power that is sympathetic to extremists and hostile to women? How will we protect against a future terror attack that is planned from within Afghanistan? What about the opium trade that will surely flourish again after we leave? Etc…


Due Date: November 3, 2021.

Page limit: Maximum one page

Formatting: 12 point font, double space, one-inch margins

Other: A title is essential to good writing (and an important hook to lure in your audience). If you are missing a title, you are missing an opportunity, and your final grade on this paper will be missing 10 points.

Also, no need to waste valuable space at the top with the title of the class, my name, the date, etc.

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