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Elements of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership 

To prepare for this discussion, read the assigned textbook chapters and the article,  Emotional Intelligence. (Links to an external site.)  Evaluate your level of emotional intelligence by completing the “Leader’s Self-Insight 5.2” questionnaire in the textbook. Reflect on what the results suggest about you as a leader and what observations others might make of you that are in your blind spot. You are not required to share your specific results when discussing this activity, but are welcome to, if you are comfortable doing so.

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To successfully complete this discussion, your post should minimally include the following:

· Identify a specific career or profession and evaluate which elements of emotional intelligence (EI) you consider most essential to be an effective leader in that chosen career or profession. Include specific examples from realistic work/professional scenarios demonstrating how those EI elements are necessary for leaders in that setting.

· Based on the information in the text discussing how emotions influence performance, create at least one example of how negative emotions influence work performance.

· Take the role of a leader in the industry/profession of your choice. You’ve assigned your employees/supervisees to work on projects in groups. One of the members of your team comes to you and asks to be reassigned because one of the members in their assigned group is “so negative, always complaining, and constantly oversharing about all of the drama in their personal lives.” Using either your own results from the “Leader’s Self-Insight 5.2” questionnaire or those of a fictitious leader, formulate two brief scripts demonstrating how your chosen leader would respond to (1) the employee who requests reassignment and (2) the employee who was described as being negative.

· Support ideas you share in your post with a minimum of three credible  scholarly and peer-reviewed sources (Links to an external site.)  published within the last ten years and document your sources by including APA-formatted  citations  (Links to an external site.) and  references (Links to an external site.) .

Post your initial response of 500 words or more by Day 3 (Thursday). Respond to at least two of your peers by Day 7 (Monday). Replies to your classmates’ initial postings should be a minimum of 250 words each.

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