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Using the study selected in Project Part 1, you will continue to develop your research proposal that supports an extension of the published study. For this assignment, you will be writing a short summary of the components of the study being proposed (1-2 pages) which identifies the following:

  • The constructs the proposed study will investigate and why they were selected
  • The potential variables that represent the constructs being investigated
  • A conceptual model which depicts the relationships between and among the potential variables
  • A research question or proposition that would guide the study which asks:
    • how things are related, OR
    • how things are different
  • A research or null hypothesis that is related to the research question or proposition.


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Part 1

Problem Description

Lot of changes had taken place 21st century especially the mode of living, and the technology played an important role in that. As science made progress and there came a lot of progress, it was seen that the information technology concept got importance and now it has been an essential part of our lives. Communication and information technology have taken a necessary place in the literature, and several studies have been written on it. The problem selected for the discussion is the impact of information and communication technology on social science research.

The author has chosen social science as a significant domain, and the different problems are observed and investigated to know the impact of ICT. However, ICT is one of the major fields that have impacted all other fields, but it is seen that social science had a lack of research earlier, and there was less impact of ICT. ICT has intended to improve people’s lives by making them at ease and comfortable to contact, positively influencing life. The problem has been discussed in detail in the following study, and recommendations have been given to resolve the issues (Fung, 2013).

Study sampling and population:

The qualitative research method was used in the research study, and the descriptive approach was adopted. The qualitative research method was chosen because it was observed that this method could be used for detailed insight into the experiences and views of social science researchers. The social science researchers cannot give better responses in quantitative research studies because the participants are bound to answer briefly, usually focusing on numerical data and figures. It was found that the study could be more useful if the participants explained the things in detail. The participants were taken, and sampling was done from Klang valley because it is one of the most developed areas in Malaysia. It has many researchers of social science from both private and public institutes.

The author’s personal experience was written in the study, and an ethnographic approach was adopted to evaluate and take out the results. The author observed how the researchers have been working for the last 15 years and the challenges. The participants were asked how they have been working in the field and what kind of challenges they are facing.

Summary of previous findings:

Previous research has shown that ICT was not as important in social science research as it has become now. It is not about the importance, but the concept of ICT was not strong at that time, and people had to face many difficulties. Several studies have been made on the topic, and it was found that ICT has become important enough for social science research and other fields. The findings from the previous studies showed that the concept of ICT emerged differently in 2010, and it gave a new shape to social science research.

Several issues were not addressed earlier, and ICT was used as a helping tool to understand the problems’ sensitivity and find out the appropriate solutions. ICT technology has been popping up in the field since the 1970s, but it was found that there was a lack of expertise, technology, and infrastructure, so the trend could not be established. As the 21st century hits up, the concept of ICT has become stronger and influential. Social science research is used both in education and the economy, so it was found that the challenges needed to be resolved and there was a need for platforms like ICT to make things better. It has become an important topic these days and has extensive research on the topic.

Future research suggestion

The author suggests that ICT has become an important aspect, and it has introduced digital technology, and human touch has become rare. It has been seen that information technology has now become the need of both the students and researchers, so future research should be conducted on how things can be improved in education. The education department is essential because the students have the right to know about modern trends and time-efficient technology. Future research should also be done for knowing the different models of information technology to get better results in social science research.

Importance of chosen problem

The problem was significant because the study was based on the author’s observations, so it was observed that several challenges were not addressed. Social science researchers had to do many things together, and it was found that ICT was introduced in the 21st century and made things easier. Once the new technology is introduced, it is usually discussed in various studies, and the impact of new technology is evaluated on different aspects and fields. ICT has made the system smooth, so it was good to know its effects and success stories. Further, it has been seen that such problems should be discussed, and the impact of ICT should be evaluated. So, the problems can be identified, and there should be work on it.


Fung, H. P. (2013). Effects of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on Social Science Research. Africa Development and Resources Research Institute (ADRRI) Journal, (1), 1-8.

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