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Seek out and interview a fire officer about the following topics: 

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· The need for an emerging technology topic that falls in one of the following categories: emergency response, the computer age, training technology, fire extinguishment technology, or future trends. Examples for each topic can be found in the textbook. 

· How the fire department contributes to the research that organizations are doing benefit the safety and health of the fire service. 

You should prepare a minimum of six questions related to the topic you select. 

After you conduct your interview, compile your research in an essay that focuses on the need for technology. Make sure to include: 

· a title page,  

· an introduction paragraph about the topics and interviewee, 

· a bulleted list of questions that were asked along with the interviewee’s responses, 

· a summary of your thoughts about the interviewee’s responses, and 

· a conclusion paragraph summarizing your research and what you learned. 

Write a minimum of two pages and maximum of three pages. Use Times New Roman 12-point font and double space the entire document. No reference page is required.

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