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When responding to peers, you should strive to first understand the reasons they are offering before challenging or critiquing those reasons. One good way of doing this is by summarizing their argument before offering a critique or evaluation.


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In the video episode, it states that European countries classify animals as Sentient, which means that they are individuals that can express feelings and emotions such as fear, pain, stress, boredom, frustration, happiness, excitement, optimism, contentment, and empathy. Such classification of animals compels us to treat them in an ethical manner. Accepting that these animals are not just mindless beings, but are much more like us obligates us to treat them in a conscientious manner. If we realize that these animals have feelings, how could we morally disregard that we are to care for them properly and without neglect to their needs. I agree with the presentation in the video that animals deserve a pleasurable life, and require care from their owners to assure that they are comfortable. As presented in the video, animals that are living a comfortable life provide a better stock. I own three dogs, and we treat these individuals as important parts of our family. One of my dogs is currently sick from heart disease and we have been advised by our veterinarian that it would be best to put him down to reduce his current suffering. We are really heartbroken about this. The video presentation mentions that animals in some European countries are classified as individuals, and Utilitarian Theory states that, a crucial feature of utilitarianism is an emphasis on equal consideration: Any particular person’s happiness or suffering is no more important or less important than that of anyone else; both are to be counted equally (Thames 2018, sect. 3.3). The definition of equal consideration in the text is, “The principle that each particular individual’s happiness, suffering, preferences, welfare, or other interests should be accorded equal weight when determining the best outcomes of an action; that is, no one’s interests should figure more or less than anyone else’s” (Thames 2018, Ch. 3 summary). I agree that happiness is important to these animals and understand that they deserve to be treated with respect. I also disagree that these animals are not cognitive, I have been around these types of animals as a young man and have witnessed their actions and intellectual ways. Not to say they are as intellectually adept as humans, but they do show intellect.



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