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Week 1 Assignment

  • Describe the concept of a “system.” Though these are the characteristics of any system,  relate it to information systems, as best as you can.
  • Also, describe your understanding of System Analysis and Design.

Submit a one to two page paper in APA format by Sunday 11:59 PM. You are welcome to submit drafts for the instructor’s comments.

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IT472 Week 1 Assignment
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For APA format, include a title page. Include an abstract statement on page two. Add the body on pages 3 & 4. Put  your references on page 5. Use more than one reference for your information. Use Times New Roman 12 point font, double-spaced through the entire document. Indent paragraphs in the body. The abstract is not indented.

You can use the APA template and References tab in MS Word for easier formatting.

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