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Question 1: What I am curious about

I am curious about many things but will mention a few. One of them is playing video games which I do frequently. Video games provide a vital source of entertainment occasionally. The second thing activity I am interested in is reading. Reading provides a reliable knowledge source for me. The other activity I am curious about is computer science. I am interested in learning about computers and how they function.

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Question 2: Learning With another Student

I find learning with other students on assignments intriguing. I can do most of my assignments with my fellow students because they enrich me with novel knowledge. Furthermore, working with other students cements trust and relationships within the classroom easing the class environment. However, in the absence of a classmate, I resort to individual reading because I prefer reading alone as an alternative to reading due to my communication problems. Other students in group would view the challenge as delaying their work which makes it better to work alone

Question 3: Best Learning Activity

The best learning activity for me is hands on building things. Examples of things I learn by building are software, where I get whole staff and build them together in a box. The learning method is essential in improving many things like motor skills

Question 4: Best activity, and Strategies

As I mentioned earlier, the activity I love most is playing games while my preferred subject is computer science due to my interest to understand how computers work. The method I prefer in during reading is hands on because it helps me to learn better when participating in classwork.

Question 5: How I see myself as a Professional

As a graduate, I see myself focusing on data science. I would like to work as a programmer in one of the bigger companies venturing in my area of study. I really do not know what I intend to contribute to the society and what influenced my choice of studying computer science. I plan for activities to take place in a short time like next semester.

Question 6: Teacher’s Treatment

My teachers treat me positively. They are patients because they understand my communication problems. During my learning period I have never been rushed by the teachers in any way. I have problems studying English and languages because they are competitive which makes me vulnerable. My teachers are very nice and if I ask them questions they always give me room to meet them in private. That helps to learn more.

Question 7: My Classmates’ Perception

I do not interact with other students in class and therefore I have no clue of their perceptions about me. Nevertheless, I do not expect them to behave in any particular way.


Question 8: Relationship with other students

Some students I have interacted with are very friendly and patient with me. However, I have never asked any question to my fellow students.

Question 9: Meaning of Life

According to me, there is no meaning of life and just want to focus on something that interests me in future. The thing I love most in my life is my dog. I really do not hate anything except for bright noises and bright lights. I also like going in places especially taking my dog in the park.

Question 10: The Behavior I would like to happen to me

I do not know what behavior I would like to happen to me. However, I like taking notes while at school and reading them when at home. I have no schedule and do things depending on the need and agency. I chose computer science alone and my parents encouraged me by pushing me to study and get a better job. Currently I have a programming internship where I am given assignments to work on and submit.

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