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It doesn’t matter what kind of answers you give just make sure you follow the instructions provided. Even if you use your own family history or just make something up. Just please make it well written.  

PHED 1164

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Writing to Inform


The introduction catches the reader’s attention.

The introduction includes a clear, well-written thesis statement. The thesis statement states or implies the significance of the essay. The essay has a purpose.

The essay is organized effectively. The writer selected an appropriate organizational strategy for the mode/purpose of his/her essay. Appropriate transitions are used when moving from point to point.

The writer devised logical categories for his/her discussion. The writer’s analysis reflects critical thinking.

Good examples and concrete language are used to illustrate each supporting point.

The writer adopts an effective persona and uses an appropriate and consistent point-of-view. The writer eliminates all second person point-of-view shifts (i. e., writer eliminates all forms of “you”)

The writer varies his/her sentence structure, using coordination and subordination effectively.

The writer has edited to eliminate sentence structure errors. (NOTE: If your paper does not receive at least a “FAIR” in this category, you will not score higher than a 68.)

The writer has edited to eliminate usage errors.

The writer has proofread to eliminate errors in spelling, punctuation, and capitalization


1. Interview of Family Member:

Interview two family relatives or individuals who have been influential in your life to gather the

following information to determine your potential to develop diseases that could be life-threatening

and/or life-limiting (i.e. heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cancer, etc.). You will use this

information, along with your personal dietary and lifestyle behaviors to evaluate your potential for

development of these diseases and to develop a dietary and lifestyle action plan for the future as you

complete this course.

a. Answer the following questions:

1. Current age of relatives or influential individuals

2. Age(s) at death, or current age, of close relatives (i.e. parents, grandparents, etc.) or


3. What diseases and causes of death have been experienced by this “side” of your family?

2. Analysis of Dietary Habits of Family Member

a. How often did they eat per day?

b. Do/did they eat any of the following?

1. Whole grains or processed bread and cereal

2. Vegetables

3. Fruits

4. Dairy/condiments

5. Types of meat (beef, chicken, turkey, fish) and frequency of consumption of these and

eggs per week.

3. Analysis of Physical Activity and Lifestyle Habits of Family Member

a. What is/was the occupation of these relatives or individuals? What types and amount of physical

activity does/did this require?

b. Do/did they engage in any recreational exercise? If so, what activities do/did they perform?

c. Did they engage in organized exercise? What type of exercise did they perform? How long

were their exercise sessions?

d. Do/did they smoke? If so, how many packs/cans per day?

e. Do/did they drink alcohol? If so, how many drinks per day or week?

4. Your Personal Dietary and Behavior Habits

a. How often do you eat per day?

b. How many servings do you typically eat per day of the following (refer to your dietary analysis

data to answer this question)

1. Whole grains or processed bread and cereal

2. Vegetables

3. Fruits

4. Dairy products/condiments

5. Meat, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs

c. How often do you engage in physical activity per week?

1. Average length of each exercise session

2. Average intensity of each session

Assignment: Family Health

Assignment: Your task is to write a two-page paper on a family health risk that you discovered when you

conducted an interview of a family member. Some of the common health conditions that run in families

include the following: heart disease, alcoholism, COPD, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes, stress

and tobacco use.

Your essay should include the following sections:

1. Introduction (one paragraph): The opening paragraph should provide a brief overview of your family health history and should identify and describe ONE key health risk that you plan to discuss in your


2. Description of health risk (multiple paragraphs): This section of your paper should discuss the signs, symptoms, and preventative measures of this health risk. This information should come primarily from:

a. Textbook

b. Internet-be careful of legitimate sources

c. American Heart Association website

d. WebMD

e. Health Journals

3. Discussion of Health Risk and Lifestyle (multiple paragraphs): The final section of your essay should discuss how this condition relates to you and what you plan to do to implement a healthy lifestyle


Writing Checklist:

Once you have written your essay, use the following checklist to make sure you have written a successful


_____ Paper is typed, double-spaced, using a Times New Roman 12 point font.

_____ Paper includes details that are accurate and comprehensive. Details should come from both your own

experiences (and interview) and from sources you have consulted.

_____ Information you used from other written sources are documented appropriately.

(For help with documenting borrowed sources, go to the following link:

http://www.lonestar.edu/library/research-help.htm )

_____ The essay is well-organized. Major points are stated clearly at the beginning of each paragraph, and

transitional words are used to help the reader move from point to point.

_____ The essay has been edited and proofread to avoid fragments, run-ons, comma splices, incorrect verb

forms, and misspellings. For assistance with grammar, please go to the Writing SEA Center, located in

the Learning Center.)http://www.lonestar.edu/library/research-help.htm

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