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Author: Jeanette Winterson

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Auther: Jeanette Winterson
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Learning about an author requires more than just reading a wikipedia page about them or clicking through the bio on their website. More than anything, we need to learn about their writing history, their creative process, and about issues and topics of concern to them as writers.

For the following assignment, find 3 online sources and write a 500 word letter to Jeanette Winterson. In the letter, explain to Winterson what impressions you have of her and what you’ve learned about her through your online research. Reference each of the sources you find, which should include the following:

1) an interview with Winterson (text version), 2) a video with her in it, and 3) one critical review of her novel.

Based on these three online sources, ask Winterson a question about anything that comes to mind regarding her or her work. Please remember to cite each of the three sources you reference in your letter.

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