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attached below is the question. plz check the details

A. Fill in the blanks for 10 questions below for 3 points each ( total 30 points):

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· Governor * Sales Tax

· Sunset Review * Sheriff

· Political Patronage * Sin Tax

· Indictment * Probation

· Weak Mayor * Parole

1. A person who is convicted of a crime but not sent to jail is placed on _______________.

2. A person released from prison prior to completion of sentence is on ________________.

3. A person accused of committing a crime receives an ____________________.

4. State agencies receive a ______________________ to decide if the agency mission is to continue or be consolidated with another agency.

5. Greg Abbott is the current ___________________ of Texas and former Tx. Atty. General.

6. A ceremonial head of a city council is known as a _______________________.

7. Rewarding your friends for their support after an election is called _________________.

8. A __________________ is collected on cigarettes and alcohol to help cover the cos of government related expenses for adverse health problems in the future.

9. The chief law official for a count is a _________________________.

10. The State of Texas collects 8.25% of a _______________________ and gives 2% back to local governments for their operations.

B. Circle five of the multiple choice answer below for 3 pts. each ( 15 points total)

1. In Texas judges are chosen by:

A. The legislature C. A nonpartisan election

B. Partisan Election D. A nominations council

2. A person who reveals to the public corruption in a state agency is called:

A. Snitch C. Whistle Blower

B. Problem Solver D. Politician

3. The State borrows money to construct roads and building by pledging tax dollars to guarantee the payment of:

A. Sales Tax C. Deficits

B. G.O. Bonds D. Revenue Bonds

4. The Chief elected official of a county government who leads the commissioners court:

A. County Sheriff C. County Judge

B. County Administrator D. City Manager

5. Land or property taxes are also known as:

A. User Fees C. Unfunded Mandate

B. Sales Taxes D. Ad Valorem Tax

Final Exam Texas Govt. 2306 p. 2

C. Define 10 of 12 definitions below for 3 pts each one to two sentences. (total 30 points) :

1. Line Item Veto:

2. Merit Employment System

3. Bureaucracies

4. Civil Lawsuits

5. Plea Bargain

6. Grand Jury

7. School Superintendent

8. Civil Service

9. City Manager

10. Tax Abatement

11. District Court

12. Home Rule City

D. Answer one of two essays below for 25 points in one to three pages:

1. Describe the Texas Judicial system and compare the options for selecting judges and why one system is better than others comparing nonpartisan elections, partisan elections, and merit retention/selection (Missouri Plan).

2. Compare and contrast the different type of local governments in Texas and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the Mayor (strong vs. weak), commissioner, and council manager forms of government?

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