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I need help with the logix pro program

CS 499

Laboratory 4 – Merry Go Round

Laboratory Objectives: This laboratory will allow students to use timers with interlocking requirements and more complex sequencing.

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Process XE “Process” \b Descriptions: This laboratory assumes four Motors represented by four pilot lights on the LogixPro. A pushbutton START XE “START” \b switch is used to start a sequence of pilot lights operation, which can be terminated at any time by pressing a pushbutton STOP XE “STOP” \b switch. The sequence starts by PL1, then PL2, then PL3, and then PL4. The same sequence will repeat untill the process is stopped. Each selected PL will turn ON for a period of 5 seconds while the other PLs are OFF.

Laboratory Requirements:

· Write a documented ladder logic program using On Delay timers to realize the required timing sequence.

· Assign the I/O addresses and associated tags.

· Provide the laboratory check out.

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