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Department of Mechanical and Construction Engineering

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KB7052 Research Project Research Project Proposal

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Analysing the Impact of the Adoption of Effective Communication in the Total Quality Management (TQM) of the Information Technology (IT) Firm Processes Comment by Lenovo: Remove this word and adjust the proper tittle
Project Aim and Research Objectives(500 words)
Project AimThe project purpose is to determine the value that effective communication would bring to the TQM of the IT firm processes. Comment by Lenovo: Not clearProblem StatementCommunication is important in all organization in facilitating value and productivity. The IT Company is a type of firm that is inclined on innovation and creativity. It is vital to note that there is a challenge that is experienced in the development of quality products to the clients and one of the reasons to this issue is ineffective communication. TQM is important in streamlining the processes of the company but without effective communication there would be no improvement to the IT company projects. The IT firm processes are numerous and include customer satisfaction and improvement of customer products. There is the need for efficient cooperation between the staff through effective communication to deliver value. Poor communication between employees and management is a problem that affects the innovation and creativity of the staff because there are limited interactions and consultations needed to develop new products. Comment by Lenovo: Statement is not clearObjectives· To determine how effective communication will promote growth and improvement of IT firm processes· To identify the value that effective communication enhances in creativity and innovation in the IT firm’s TQM.· To illustrate how effective communication facilitates teamwork in the IT firm to promote successful TQM of company projects· To examine the benefits of effective communication in developing new IT products Comment by Lenovo: This are not under objectives· To identify the impact of effective communication in handling conflicts in the IT firm through leadership under TQM processesResearch Questions· How will effective communication promote growth and improvement of IT firm processes? Comment by Lenovo: Comment by Lenovo:· What is the value that effective communication enhances in creativity and innovation in the IT firm’s TQM?· How does effective communication facilitate teamwork in the IT firm to promote successful TQM of company projects? Comment by Lenovo: Research questions and objectives looking same· What are the benefits of effective communication in developing new IT products?· What is the impact of effective communication in handling conflicts in the IT firm through leadership under TQM processes?Theoretical FrameworkVital in any kind of aspect regarding quality management, it is vital to note that communication usually plays a key role in the development of business projects especially in the IT company processes. Communication is utilized in meaning any kind of mutual understanding regarding ideas that are present between the sender as well as the receiver. The identified success regarding TQM is one that demand communication with as well as among all the members in the company alongside the suppliers and the clients (Rezaul, 2019). Evidence Based Background WorkAppropriate communication is associated with ensuring that an individual notsolely conveys ones messages to an individual but also lets them have knowledge about their feelings along with emotions. Effective communication is essential in the workplace to help individuals to get through the given tasks and operations with a lot of ease. It is also associated with enhancing company success since quality kind of communication in the office is a key part regarding the elimination of any kind of unnecessary issues and in the promotion of improved performance (Wang & Wu, 2020).JustificationTotal quality management is considered to be a management kind of philosophy which is usually focused on the identified work processes as well as the people with a key concern for the satisfaction of clients and in the improvement of the company performance. The research study shows a powerful relationship that exists between the aspect of effective communication as well as efficient quality implementation.
Research Plan (500 words)
Possible Risk FactorsThe possible risk factors are psychological types of risks which entail the identified production regarding the negative affective kinds of states like anxiety as well as depression, guilt, shock and even the loss of self esteem and any kind of changed behaviour which may affect the feasibility of the research. Nonetheless, there are the social/economic types of risks. The social/economic types of risks entails the changes involved in the relationships with other people that are considered to be to the disadvantage regarding the given subject, inclusive of embarrassment as well as the loss of respect to other people and the labelling of a subject in a manner that will cause negative implications.Another possible risk is also the loss of confidentiality. In all of the research processes which entails the human subjects, confidentiality regarding the identifiable information is usually presumed as well as ought to be maintained unless the identified investigator attains the identified express permission regarding the given subject to do otherwise. Subjects possess the rights to be effectively protected against any form of injury or even illegal kinds of invasions regarding their identified privacy as well as to preservation regarding their personal form of dignity. There is also the possible risk of legal risks. Legal risks usually are existent when the identified research methods are in such a manner that the identified subject or even others will be considered to be liable for any kind of violation regarding the law, either through the revelation that the given subject or even others possess or will effectively engage in conduct for which the identified subject or even others may be criminally or even civilly liable (Hodosi& Rusu, 2019).ConsentThe research paper will ensure consent to the participants by utilizing the specific consent used in research. The identified provision regarding participants, at their identified level of understanding, in regard to information that concerns the aim as well as the methods, the demands, the possible risks, the inconveniences and the possible outcomes regarding the research inclusive of the likelihood as well as the form regarding the publication associated with the research outcomes.Research MethodologyThe research Methodology to be used is the experimental data. This entails the collection of data via the use of active interventions by the identified researcher to help in the production as well as in the measurement of change or to facilitate the creation of differences when an identified variable gets changed. It usually allows the identifiedresearcher to effectively determine any kind of a causal relationship and is often projectable to the larger population (Rezaul, 2019). Research FrameworkThere will be the employment of the conceptual framework. It is defined as being an analytical type of tool which is usually utilized to attain a comprehensive kind of comprehension regarding any kind of a phenomenon. It can be utilized in distinct roles regarding work and is most often utilized to visually illustrate the key kinds of concepts or even variables and the identified kinds of relationships that are present between them that need to be effectively studied (Rezaul, 2019). Research Time lineThe project would be conducted for a three months period to determine the effects of adopting the effective communication in the IT firm Comment by Lenovo: Improve the time line standards of your workProject Deliverables· Selection of the project participants from the IT Company Comment by Lenovo: This are not project deliverables· Conducting an interview on the selected participants· Collection of Data· Analysis of the Collected Data· Visual Presentation of Collected Data· Adoption of Effective Communication Strategies in the IT firm· Regular Monitoring and Improvement of Effective Communication Strategies adopted in the IT firm.Research ContributionThe research will help in the creation of current knowledge on the basis of the previous available knowledge through the carrying out of comprehensive as well as innovative research. It will present accurate as well as timely data on the key needs as well as the attitudes and the motivations associated with a population. It will play a key role in the social role, helping IT firms and other firms to effectively develop services as well as policies and even commodities which are considered to be responsive to the key needs.

Research Data

People and Personal DataWill your work involve people or personal data or both?
Secondary DataWill your work involve secondary data, not in the public domain?
Commercial DataWill your work involve commercially sensitive data, not in the public domain?
Environmental DataWill your work will involve the collection of environmental data?
Anonymising DataDescribe the arrangements you will follow to anonymise data.How will this be covered in the informed consent you will obtain? If this is not appropriate to your work, explain why this is the case?
To ensure anonymity, there will be the use of disguised identity for the participants to avoid them being identified. Nonetheless, their names will not be used and instead there will be the use of fake names.
Storing DataDescribe the arrangements you will follow for the secure transportation and storage of data collected and used during your study. You should explain what kind(s) of storage you intend to use (e.g., cloud-based, portable hard drive, USB stick, U-drive, OneDrive), and the protocols you will put in place to keep the data safe and secure.
There will be the use of encrypted disks as well as storage boxes with keys for the secure transportation of the collected data.

Your Programme of Study

Relevance toProgramme of StudyExplain how your proposal is aligned with the educational ethos of your programme of study(maximum 150 words). You will need to read the programme details on the University’s website at https://www.northumbria.ac.uk/study-at-northumbria/postgraduate-study/
The study is relevant to the programme of study as it offers a comprehensive illustration of the key concepts associated with learning results and course designs for instance aims as well as goals, learning results and constructive alignment. There is a relevant as well as succinct presentation regarding the most often utilized taxonomies of learning and their uses in the development of the society. This is to help in the creation of knowledgethat is needed in facilitating efficiency of the study. Comment by Lenovo: Add some additional information

References Comment by Lenovo: Add few more references

Hodosi, G., & Rusu, L. (2019). Risks, relationships and success factors in IT outsourcing: A study in large companies.

In Rezaul, I. M. (2019). Social research methodology and new techniques in analysis, interpretation, and writing.

Wang, N., & Wu, G. (2020). A Systematic Approach to Effective Conflict Management for Program. SAGE Open, 10(1), 215824401989905. https://doi.org/10.1177/2158244019899055

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