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Submit a 2-page report in which you describe what you learned through your interview about the readiness of human services organizations to adapt to increased community need. Specifically:

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· Identify the organization and its purpose.

· Explain how the administrator has seen community needs and service users change over time and the extent to which the organization has adapted. Provide specific examples.

· Describe the root causes/problems in the community that the organization aims to improve and how.

· Describe barriers the organization has faced when attempting to address these problems.

· Provide your own conclusions about human services organizations’ ability to adapt to increased community need.

Make sure to integrate and document ideas and concepts from the Learning Resources. 

In all 222 years of the Norfolk police department, Captain Michele Naughton is officially the first African American woman promoted to the rank of Captain.


Email Subject: Upcoming Interview

As part of my degree program for a BS in Human Services, I am charged with gathering information concerning the human service agencies in my community. As agreed, when we meet to participate in the interview at _______ on ________October 1,2021______, I will ask you to respond to the following questions regarding your agency/organization.

Interview Questions

General Information:

1. The name of your agency/organization? Norfolk Police Department

2. How long has your agency/organization been serving this community? Over 224 years

3. What is your agency/organization’s mission statement? The mission of the Norfolk Police Department, in partnership with the community, is to enhance the safety and quality of life in the City of Norfolk and to build trusting relationships with those we serve through fair and impartial practices.

4. How is your agency/organization funded? Government funding, federal grants, fines, fees, and forfeitures.

5. How many people does your agency employ? Approximately 740

Community Need:

1. What community problem(s) does your organization seek to address? Why? Lack of trust, providing a safe community for all through crime prevention and education and communication including gun violence. Through the history of policing trust has been destroyed amongst certain demographics. It is difficult to be effective if the people you serve do not trust you. Gun violence is not only criminal in nature but a public safety issue.

2. Do you feel these problems have increased or decreased with the passing years? I think it depends on who you ask and what communities you ask. There is an argument for both. I think in my city these problems have decreased. We have dedicated ourselves to years of authentic community engagement and building trust with our community. These relationships have grown and the partnership with the community members have proved successful in the preventing and reporting criminal activity. During the civil unrest after the death of George Floyd, Norfolk did not have the riots and violence seen across the nation.

3. To what do you attribute the increase/decrease? I attribute this to the relationships built on trust with members of the community. Norfolk has over 20 community outreach initiatives that reach the babies to the elderly. We engage in authentic intentional engagement such as PLUS police leadership unveils success (officers mentor students in title 1 schools one hour a week during the school year) Cops and Curls (a formal evening event for young ladies 5-17 filled with educational and fun events, food and music engaging with officers and female vendors), and Hispanic Citizens Police Academy (a 12-week program geared to provide information on what law enforcement officers work consists of)

4. Is there a group in the community that is particularly impacted by these problems more than others? It is my belief that our black and brown communities and our LGBTQIA communities are more adversely affected.

Response to Community Need:

1. How many organizations/agencies are there in the immediate community that also pledge to address these needs? I don’t have a number as we partner with so many organizations that want to truly interact with the department and understand that the police cannot do it alone.

2. Is this number adequate?

3. How effective do your feel these agencies are/can be? I feel these organizations can be truly effective. It is about one message and one team and the more people on the team, the more effective we can be.

Organization/Agency Strengths and Challenges:

1. What do you feel are the strengths of your agency? Transparency – we have launched a database for citizens to review use of force, inclusivity- we created policy to include all people and have officers assigned as a LGBTQ liaison and a Hispanic Community Liaison officer, diversity- Norfolk has one of the most diverse police forces. I am the highest- ranking female officer and the first to make the rank of Captain in 2019 and Assistant Chief in 2021, we have members of the Hispanic community as well as the LGBTQ community with supervisory rank.

2. What do you feel are its greatest challenges? Currently the greatest challenges are manpower, retention, and recruitment. This is a tough time to be a police officer. Across the nation, officers are leaving the profession for a variety of reasons to include pay and current climate of policing.

3. Do you have any thoughts about how these challenges might be more adequately addressed? We as police officer need to provide the message that policing is about service and it is a career that has opportunities for so many. It is a male dominated field, but women do extremely well in law enforcement. I often find myself telling people come work with me and be the change you want to see in policing. It is a wonderful career, with 21 years on in November I am still having a great time and constantly meeting the wonderful people who work, live, and play in Norfolk.

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