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Organizational transformation is sometimes necessary for companies to succeed and grow. However, the changes that such strategies bring need to be planned and managed well for the transition to occur smoothly both for those leading the change as well as for the other employees in the organization.

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Assignment Details:

In your post, address the following:

· Give some thoughts about your experience with the masters program so far.

· Share some professional and functional skills you have acquired during your journey. Also, identify any skills that you hope to continue to develop in the near future to align with your career goals.

· Next, address the following questions regarding organizational strategy and change management:

· Have you been impacted by strategic decisions that led to organizational transformation in your current or past workplace or school? If yes, share your experience with how the organizational change was managed, what helped the transition, and what didn’t.

· If you haven’t experienced organizational change in real life, imagine a situation where an organization you work for is being restructured. What would you want the organization to do before and during the restructuring to help you with the transition?


Write a post of 1 to 2 paragraphs. Ensure you post the questions and then respond under the questions. Also use references as needed in APA Format.

Video: May be used in other assignments:

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