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 Examine the notion of conflict in the American federal system.  How does the federal system encourage the expansion of conflict? Please give specific examples in your response.  250 word count

Centralized Federalism & New Federalism

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Centralized Federalism: 1964-1980

After WWII, the United States underwent drastic changes at rapid speed.

Americans became more financially secure:

Citizens started to place more priority on things such as quality of life, civil rights, and the environment.

Public Problems became Federal Problems

The State/Federal Relationship:


Federal Grant-in-Aid Money

Increasing Federal Regulations?

President Johnson: The Great Society

The federal government drastically increased the amount of grant-in-aid money going to the states and local governments.

The Great Society:

War on Poverty

Medicaid & Medicare

Education & Head Start

The Environment

Poverty In America:

Entitlements Programs

Government programs in which Congress has set the eligibility requirements.

The New Deal Programs

Social Security

Unemployment Compensation

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Aid to Families with Dependent Children

The Great Society Programs

Food Stamps



Ronald Reagan & New Federalism:

Reagan believed the federal government had grown too large and too involved in state affairs.

Decreased Categorical Grants

Increase Block Grants

The Devolution Revolution:

State Waivers

Fighting Deregulation?


The Ideological Shift:

Cultural Issues

Federalism created a battleground over cultural issues

The Courts

Presidential Appointment Power

The States

Expansion of Conflict

Policy Analysis:

“An organized way to evaluate a problem, the alternatives, and the effectiveness of the solution”.

Policy analysis falls under three broad categories:




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