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Short Research Paper

A short research paper of 6 to 8 pages is required on the topic of transformational and servant leadership. In addition, a leader is assigned who represents transformational and/or servant leadership. That means that the paper will contain research about both the topic and the leader.

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The paper must contain an introduction, body, and conclusion. Please make sure to carefully proofread your paper. Pay particular attention to spelling and grammar.

Please use APA style for format of your paper, citations, etc. A minimum of four (4) references/sources excluding your textbook are required. Type your paper in MS Word with double spacing using a regular 12 point font in Times New Roman.

A minimum of 5 power point slides are required in support of your paper.

Failure to follow all instructions will result in a loss of points. I will provide a Rubric, too.

The paper is valued at 150 points with an additional 50 points for the power points.

The Writing Center at PGCC is very helpful. For assistance with APA format and writing, please consider contacting them. Purdue OWL is a good source for APA and writing help, too.

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