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Please write a case study report for McDonalds organization:

The case study report should consist of the following sections:

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Executive Summary: This should be an overview of your report but must include some background on your company and its strategy to help explain why you have selected your 6 topics as appropriate.

Issue Identification: Please group the issues into short-term and long-term categories. Identify the impact of the issues listed and sort them based on their urgency.

Operating Environment: Could you please explain the operating environment using SWOT or Porter’s five forces?

Root Cause Analysis: What is the impact of the issue identified on the operating environment?

Alternatives: Please include at least three options. Establish criteria to evaluate alternatives. The criteria must be aligned with the strategic perspective. Please provide a pro/con analysis

Recommendations: Please re-write the recommendation to validate against the firm’s strategy and the economic environment. Please include a contingency plan in this section as the recommendations may be subject to significant influences from the economic environment.

 Implementation: Kindly include the RACI chart that provides a brief understanding of the parties who implements the strategy with their roles.

Monitor and Control: Please include a balanced scorecard for the mentioned KPI’s?

Please choose any six from the below and prepare a report and RISK MANAGEMENT from the below is a must include:

Low-Cost Country Sourcing : If your company has opted to source a material from a low-cost source country, describe the reasons why the decision was made; identify when the decision was made and if any of the factors in the decision have since changed (labour costs, inventory costs, shipping costs, etc.). Discuss the total cost of ownership impact (good or bad). Alternatively, if your company sources a product locally that is available from a low-cost country, identify the source country and determine a TCO with all of the applicable factors

Tactical and Strategic Procurement : Most companies require both. Focus on the organizational roles and responsibilities; identify issues and provide alternatives to solve those issues.

Countertrade and Alternative Business Transactions : Describe any incidences of countertrade involving your company and overseas partners. Identify issues and provide a recommendation for resolution, or alternatively the advantages of the relationship.

Culture and Business : Describe any issues related to cultural differences in your company’s relationships with overseas divisions or partners. Define them by type of culture (social, business, ethnic, etc.). Following the case study structure, identify the issues it creates, do a root cause analysis and suggest alternatives to remedy the circumstance.

Agents and Merchants : Describe any issues or advantages related to the use of agents, merchants, freight forwarders or other subsidiaries.

Trade Agreements : Describe any issues or advantages related to the current use of NAFTA provisions, or any other trade agreements, in your company. Are there opportunities to change sourcing rules or take advantage of duties not currently used?

Social Media :Identify any references related to your company’s, or a direct competitor’s, products or services. Were they positive or negative? Identify the potential impact and propose a risk mitigation strategy for dealing with the global phenomenon of consumers and the public creating changes to a company’s business practices through the use of social media.

Risk Management : *Everyone needs to include this in their report.* For any of your international business dealings, identify risks in each of the three categories (physical, financial, social or cultural).

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