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Please see the attached template. 

Theories of Personality

Module Five Activity Template

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First, read the Shapiro Library articles, Psychologist Stanley Milgram Begins Obedience-to-Authority ExperimentsStanford Prison Experiment, and Moving Personality Beyond the Person-Situation Debate. Next, complete this template by replacing the bracketed text with the relevant information. Your responses should each be about 2 to 5 sentences in length.

Link: Psychologist Stanley Milgram Begins Obedience-to-Authority Experiments, Stanford Prison Experiment –

Link: Stanford Prison Experiment – https://web.stanford.edu/dept/spec_coll/uarch/exhibits/Narration.pdf

Link: Moving Personality Beyond the Person-Situation Debate – http://wholebeinginstitute.com/wp-content/uploads/W-Fleeson_Moving-Personality-Beyond-Person.pdf

· Analyzing Psychological Experiments

· Describe the major takeaways from the Milgram experiments.

[Insert text]

· Describe the major takeaways from the Stanford prison experiment.

[Insert text]

· Describe the ethical implications of these experiments.

[Insert text]

· Implications of the Person-Situation Debate

· Describe examples of behaviors that highlight trait-based stability in the workplace or school.

[Insert text]

· Describe examples of behaviors that highlight personality states in the workplace or school.

[Insert text]

· Explain how your perspectives on your interactions with others might be impacted by the person-situation debate.

[Insert text]

· In Module Three, you were asked the extent to which you thought personality could change over time. Explain whether your response to that question has changed or stayed the same as a result of studying the person-situation debate.

[Insert text]


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