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Inmate Manipulation and Boundaries Presentation


Summarize the manipulation scenario.

Develop a plan for how to maintain boundaries in this situation.

Explain possible obstacles in setting and maintaining these boundaries.

Identify ethical and legal consequences to not maintaining boundaries in this situation.


Inmate has been suicidal for the past few days. The guard working the hall takes the inmate out of general population and placed into solitary with nothing that can bring harm to them. However, the inmate begins to seem to be better. With talking to the guard and seeming fine, the inmate is placed back into the general population. However, the inmate commits suicide later that night.

Inmate has been in prison for many years. In this time, he has had time to study the correctional officers and learn what they can relate to with other officers and inmates. Prison is a tough place to be in for any amount of time and it can lay heavy on the soul of inmates.



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