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Memo # 2: Single-Sided, One-Page

Recently, President Biden issued an executive order requiring all employers with 100 or more employees ensure that their workforce is fully vaccinated or require the unvaccinated employees to produce a negative Covid test at least once a week. However, approximately 98% of US businesses have fewer than 100 employees.1

Assume you work as the Human Resources consultant for one such business in the technology sector. The CEO has asked for a position memo so that the C-level can make a decision about whether the company should adopt the mandate for this business as well.

In developing your position memo:

• Identify three (3) key stakeholders who will be affected by whatever policy the business adopts and for each, briefly describe why they are stakeholders and what will be their key concern.

o Shareholders, stock owners, investors do not count; you will receive 0 credit for including them.

o More credit given for identifying the less obvious stakeholders.

• The CEO told you that the firm is guided by its values and it highly values the theory of justice. Discuss the adoption of the mandate from each of the three dimensions of the theory of justice:

o Distributive justice – benefits and burdens fairly distributed using impartial criteria;

o Retributive justice – company’s ‘punishment’ will be even-handed and in proportion to the transgression;

o Compensatory justice – fair compensation for all victims of the action.

• Make a recommendation based on your analysis of the theory of justice. Explain why your recommendation fulfills the theory of justice framework.

• For each of the three stakeholders identified, state whether your recommendation truly addresses their concern and explain why or why not.

You may or may not want to use the matrix on the following page for summarizing your assessment of the stakeholders but it will count as part of your single-sided, one-page memo.

Remember, your reasoning is the most important part of this assignment, so don’t let a matrix eat up the space you need.

Guidelines regarding an acceptable one-page memo can be found on the following page.

1 https://www.oberlo.com/blog/small-business-statistics# (developed from US Census data)about:blank


Matrix Example:


Why a Stakeholder for this issue

Key Concern

Does Recommendation Address Concern & Why

Insert Name of Stakeholder # 1

Insert Name of Stakeholder # 2

Insert Name of Stakeholder # 3

Note: use short phrases, not single words, to complete each cell of the matrix.

Guidelines for a Single-Sided, One-Page Memo (Word File):

Note: failure to follow these guidelines will result in receiving 0 points for this assignment

o One-inch margins on all sides. o Smallest font size you may use is 11. o You do not have to include the standard memo heading (i.e., To / From / Date /

Subject). This will give you more space for your thoughtful answers. o Use paragraphs appropriately – that is, more paragraphs than just one for each bullet

point. o Single spacing text with double space between paragraphs. o If you choose to use the matrix, use brief phrases, not single words, to complete each

matrix cell. o Spelling and grammar count — I recommend you not count only on spell check. o Be sure to cite your sources, even if they are assigned materials, part of a class

discussion or a discussion you had with a friend. o Citations (and only citations) may go on a second page. o Please use APA format.

o Submit your memo through iLearn assignment. No emailed attachments will be accepted.

o Check the submission status before you leave iLearn. It should say submitted – not “draft – not submitted.” No drafts will be accepted.

o Be mindful of the deadline. iLearn will not let you submit once the deadline has passed. o Anticipate last minute technology problems and have a workable “plan b” so you can

meet the deadline.

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