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M2 PART 2: Sexuality Development (Guided Notes) Chapter 6 – CAS 325B

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M2 PART 2: Sexuality Development (Guided Notes) Chapter 6 – CAS 325B
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What messages about SEXUAL CULTURE are posed as norms for adolescents in these contexts?

HINT: May take some thought on your own, in addition to what is presented in class material.

American culture
media portrayal
community messages
family messages

Development of sexual activities in adolescents:

Current rates by age 20 in US:Current rates for 12th graders in US:Current rates for 9th graders in US:Rates of sexual initiation before age 13 (by ethnicity)African American Teens:Latino Teens:Non-Latino White Teens:

Sexual scripts:

Risk factors:

Sexual minorities:



Comparison of heterosexual and sexual minority findings:


Trends in adolescent pregnancy:

Current number of girls under 18 in US per year birthing a child:

How do US rates compare to rates in…

21 other countries studied:

Rates in the Netherlands:

3 reasons identified in cross-cultural comparison studies:

What is the major concern about sources of sex information for teens?

Cognitive Factors in Adolescence (impacting sexual decisions)

Explain factor unique to adolescents:

Depersonalized Orientation:

Approaches to Sex Education



What is the most effective sex education? (p. 220 connecting with health and well-being box)

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