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Life Goals Paper
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Life Goals Assignment

Subject: Throughout this course, we have discussed the importance of using goals to help establish successful systems for completing our ambitions. This writing assignment asks you to work on your goals and systems. For this assignment you will discuss a minimum of 5 goals. You will develop each goal by providing an explanation of completion including the time frame, the level of desire, the details, and how you plan to accomplish the goal. Each goal summary will be a minimum of 100 words—totaling 500 words for the assignment. Format: This is not a traditional paper, so you will not need an introduction or conclusion. You will list the following goals and provide your summary: Goal 1: Past Goal, Describe a goal you have already accomplished Goal 2: Academic Goal, Describe one academic goal you have Goal 3: Academic Goal, Describe a second academic goal Goal 4: Describe a life or career goal you have Goal 5: Describe a second life or career goal Audience: I will be your audience for this paper. Additional Information:

 The Paper should still include a heading (information in the right hand corner including: Your name, Instructor’s name, Class, Date, and Assignment)

 The effort on the assignment should be college level. I expect the paper to be mostly free from grammatical errors, presented well, and developed.

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