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Discretionary Benefits

Human Resource Module Five Discussion Responses (1 paragraph each)

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Human Resource
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HRM 1 post

When looking at benefits from employers, I always make sure they have these top there things: Health Insurance, Paid Time off, and 401(k)/Retirement plan. These all mainly apply to a job that I want to make into a full career and that I plan on staying with for a long period of time. The reason behind health insurance is pretty basic, having coverage for yourself and even your family for when times get hard or someone gets sick or hurt and having that reliability on your works insurance helps in many ways. Now when it comes to Paid Time off, everyone needs a vacation no matter what and having that option to kick back and take not only a physical break but also a mental break. It also is there for when unplanned occurrences happen in life and having the ability to take time and get things back in order is a great feeling. Lastly, and I think one of the most important ones is a Retirement plan. In this day of life, retirement and having a reliable income for when work is over is not an easy thing and a job that can help ease that stress off for the future is a well deserved win.


HRM 2 post

Discretionary benefits are employment benefits that are not mandated by law. However, they can include a range of employee benefits, such as health insurance, pension plans, life insurance, and paid-time-off (PTO) which includes sick time, maternity leave, and vacation. Discretionary benefits can help a person decide whether the position of interest is worth accepting. Some people seek or need specific benefits. Offering benefits that employees can’t access on their own is a great way to hire and retain more employees (Kier, 2019).

As for me, the three benefits that are most important are paid-time-off (PTO), health insurance and 401k retirement savings. PTO is important to me because it helps me balance my work and personal life. Having paid time off gives me the ability to spend time with my family whether it is on vacation or caring for my children when they become sick while still getting paid. I also consider the Family and Medical Leave of Absence (FMLA) to be a part of PTO. With FMLA, I was able to take time off after having my two children for 8 weeks. My position was protected, and I was paid 60% of my salary. Although I think 8 weeks is not enough, I was grateful for the time given to bond with my baby. I was fortunate to have stayed out for 12 weeks for each of babies. My PTO kicked in after my FMLA was over. Second, I chose is a health benefits package. According to the World Health Care Organization (WHO), health care cost in the U.S. is at its highest and growing faster than the rest of the global economy (Hristina Byrnes, 2019). Having a private health insurance and being covered for medical, dental and vision gives me a piece of mind. This is a major necessity, especially with having a family. My husband works for a small construction company who does not offer health insurance. Having this benefit gives me a piece of mind that my family and I can get the care we need and stay up to date with our annual check-ups (especially the first 5 years of a child). Last, is a 401k retirement savings plan. It is important to plan! The health organization that I currently work for contributes 3%, with the opportunity to receive an additional 2% match based on employee contributions. For example, if an employee’s contribution is 6% of their salary towards retirement, the total organization contribution is 8%! These benefits would help retain me as an employee because it will improve morale by not having to worry about how I will cover my family and I’s medical expenses. PTO will help increase productivity and provide better customer service and experience (Ross, 2018). We all need to decompress. Especially after the year we have been through.


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