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Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center is a premier hospital provider in Boston, Massachusetts. Johns Hopkins is equated with exemplary services and beyond reproach service delivery. However, as this case shows, ethical issues and fraud may occur in even the best of facilities. This particular case was brought to light by two coding specialists. These coders thought there was a significant problem in billing at the facility. When they were not taken seriously by the managers and the hospital administration, the employees took their concerns to the U.S. Attorney’s Office. While the case took over two years to investigate, wrong doing was found.

Review the following reading and do additional research:

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Fraud At John Hopkins
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Write a paper on the case addressing the following:

  • Apply the four ethical principles to this case. Discuss which principles were violated and who violated them? Which were upheld and who upheld them?
  • Consider the two employees who reported the problem. Do you think a monetary reward eased the obvious issues that resulted in reporting their concerns?

Support your statements with assigned readings and your additional research.

Write your assignment in a Word document. The paper should be 4–5 pages long. It should be in APA format, 


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