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Paper#1 John

I have lived in Knoxville, Tennessee, and have worked in law enforcement here since May 2020. I was extremely shocked when I began to learn of the number of stolen vehicles that occur here. I was even more shocked at the rate of violent crimes amongst juvenile offenders. Just in the year of 2021, we have had a substantial amount of gang violence out of one particular school. This school has had seven homicides among the students to include one officer-involved shooting inside the school. In 2020 the Department Office of Justice Programs awarded $458 million to combat violence in the United States with $700,000 of specifically going to the Easter Tennessee Region. (2020, November 3, Inidan eGov Newswire) 

I have learned over the years of law enforcement that human trafficking was a real thing that is extremely blanketed in the United States. It was not until in 2018 I went to the International Human Trafficking conference that it was truly a real crime that was not talked about. My personal reason to this is that there are a rather large amount of influential people involved in these types of crimes. That is why in 2016 Senator Doug Overby signed a new law with more harsh penalties against those that promote human trafficking. (2016, June 30, States News Service)


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Paper#2 Sparks

I have and currently live in a small town, our population for the whole county is roughly 25,000. I am an active Law Enforcement officer for my county as well. In all counties no matter how big or small there is the issue with crime. Yes, crime is higher in bigger areas but we all do experience issues with adults and juveniles. Where I am from we do have a growing number of juvenile issues. These issues range from mostly juveniles from 12 to 17 years of age. 

These issues are usually associated with runaway juveniles, unruly juveniles, and minor drug issues such as marijuana. We are experiencing a growing number of other drugs in our youth, due to the high drug problem in our community. We have seen a higher number of runaway juveniles in the past few months, which have been due to relationships with parents or boyfriend and girlfriends. Unruly juveniles are a common thing as well, but that has picked up due to the child not being disciplined enough or correctly. A lot of times that juvenile is from a rough home between the guardians or it is a drug related home. Juveniles are known for trying marijuana but typically become hooked on the drug.

With the many types of juvenile issues they vary from county to county, but a lot of times we have to do a juvenile petition on the juvenile. We prefer the parent to do the juvenile petition, because it looks to the kid that the parent is taking action. For juvenile crime it is growing everywhere and will not be slowing down anytime soon, or possibly not at all.

Paper#3 Tyler

Ethics are involved in everything. I have always understood ethics as a set of rules that you follow to make sure you are doing the right thing in all situations. I was raised and taught about having strong ethics and morals. I believe most people have some type of ethic standard in their workplace. Law enforcement has an ethical and moral duty to tell the truth while performing their duties. Law enforcement officers have an ethical duty to interfere when others are running away from the danger (Pollock, 2018). For law enforcement, officers interact with the public and have access to confidential information. Most law enforcement departments have ethical codes in place that they require all personnel to read and sign in agreement to the ethical codes. Law enforcement has many ethical responsibilities with the main one’s being to serve, safeguard, protect, and to respect the rights of the people they deal with (Thompson, 2017). I don’t believe these ethics have really changed or evolved through the years. I do believe the push on ethics in law enforcement is stronger now then it used to be. I know all the old heads in my department talks about how they use to never have all these classes and training over ethics. My theory behind the reason behind this is just due to the newer generations not having strong morals or ethics. We deal with more of the younger generations than the older generations and that just backs up my theory. 


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I am a detective for the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department and have been a police officer for 10 years. Everyone is undoubtedly aware of the challenges police have faced recently. Due to my profession, I often get asked my opinion about recent events involving police. Many of these discussions turn to ethics in policing. I always start by acknowledging there are bad police and that will never change. My police department tries very hard to eliminate applicants with questionable ethics, but it will never be possible to have a perfect police department. Police departments are made of people and people are imperfect. “Ethical issues are broad social questions, often concerning the government social control mechanisms and the impact on those governed” (Pollock, 2019, p 2). Ethical issues in law enforcement involve social questions and police policy. In my opinion ethical dilemmas is where police are most criticized. Police discretion allows for officers to use their judgement to make certain decisions such as to make an arrest or not (Miller, 2016). There is a perception by some that police use their discretion in unethical ways.

In my opinion police departments have become more ethical. Police have been increasingly held more accountable. I believe hiring standards have increased and there has been a greater focus on police and public relationships. I do think it is sad, despite the fact I believe police are more ethical and professional than ever before, the public’s trust for police is low. As the use of body worn cameras becomes the standard, I believe police and public relationship will strengthen.

Miller, S & Blackler, J. (2016). Ethical Issues in Policing. Routledge.

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Paper#5 Jade

I used to think that I really did not enjoy reading and writing. I always thought of reading as a chore and not an enjoyable pastime. I realize now that I never gave reading a chance, and once I did, I found I really enjoy it. My favorite books are romantic, historical dramas. I find that these books are longer and as a truck driver I really appreciate when I can get into an audiobook longer than nine hours. I take an interest in historical drama books because I am learning about a different time, and sometimes not even realize it. For example, one of my favorite trilogies is by Ken Follett the books go, Fall of giants, winter of the world, and edge of eternity. These books are about World War one and two, and the Cold War respectively. Although learning about war might have seemed boring to me, these books captured my attention by Follett creating characters I can connect with and follow in their experiences of war. I think after reading these books I have found how important it is to give literature a chance. These and many other books have shown me that reading is not a chore, but can be fun and the best way to learn from others. Reading creates new ideas and writing them down can give someone else a chance to explore your ideas. I like to think that reading is like getting a letter from a person I will never meet, and writing is passing on that letter with my new ideas to another person I will never meet. I think that is kinda sweet and very powerful.

Paper#6 Gibson

My relationship with reading and writing over the years has been quite a rollercoaster. I say this because one minute I enjoy both skills, then the next minute I do not. The only time that I can genuinely recall enjoying reading and writing is throughout middle and high school. During that time, I loved to read fictional books on an app called Wattpad that allowed people to read and write books for others to enjoy. I also discovered that I liked to write poetry alongside learning new words to add to my vocabulary. 

     However, now that I am older, my feelings towards reading and writing are different, perhaps due to technology. Likewise, I hate to say it, but I read more business, health, world, or travel articles on Facebook or Google than an actual book. Although, when I feel like reading a book, I find the genres: self-help, business, or a good biography or autobiography to enjoy. I like those genres because I learn new things and empathize with the author(s). Now when I write, I jot down ideas instead of poetry. 

     No matter how I feel about reading and writing, I will continue to pursue both skills as I know they are necessary throughout life. For instance, we write to express ourselves and read to learn and gain new knowledge and perspectives. According to “Benefits of reading” (2020), reading and writing enhance the mind in many other ways, including improved memory, mental stimulation, focus, concentration, and much more. All in all, I think we can all agree reading and writing shape us in more ways than one. 


Benefits of reading: Why you should read every day. (2020, November 12). Early Times [Jammu, India], NA. https://link.gale.com/apps/doc/A641243823/STND?u=tel_a_bethelc&sid=ebsco&xid=4026f280

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