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The analysis should be drawn from material in the business press and must deal with a topic within the last 12 months. The article/material should highlight the strategic issues facing a particular firm or industry and should be directly related to specific topics of this course. 

  1. A very brief review of the key facts of the story.
  2. Identification and explanation of the key course concepts, tools, topics that this report relates to.
  3. Your analysis/evaluation of the actions or situations with respect to the relevant topic.
  4. One question for the class discussion

Current Event: Albertsons Partners with Google to Disrupt the Grocery Industry

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Current Event
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I. Brief Review

• Albertsons is reinventing the future of grocery shopping to improve customer experience by partnering with Google’s technology.

• Services aimed to create a more efficient shopping trip include:

o the integration of Google Search and Maps to help shoppers locate the items they need o implementation of Google Pay

o predictive grocery list building through Google Cloud AI technologies such as Vision AI, Recommendations AI, and Business Messages

o AI-powered conversational commerce

o Enhanced online ordering for pickup and delivery


I. Relation to Competitive and Cooperative Moves

A. Competitive Move: Disruptive Innovation

• Shoppable maps, AI-commerce, and automated lists are attempting to change the traditional approach to grocery shopping.

• Albertsons is differentiating themselves by offering an advanced and unique service as competition in the grocery industry escalates.

B. Cooperative Move: Strategic Alliance

• Google’s technology expertise and Albertsons commitment to consumer-focused innovation provides customers with an exclusive experience whether they shop online or in-stores.

II. Analysis of Strategy

• The collaboration is an effective strategy during the pandemic to limit lines, reduce traffic in stores, and create more ease and accessibility (especially for sensitive groups).

• Google’s partnership with Albertsons expands beyond shopping features. Albertsons uses Business Messages to deliver timely information about the COVID-19 vaccine at its pharmacies.

• These advancements give Albertsons a competitive advantage and allows them to sustain post-pandemic as they have embraced the faced paced shift of technology and combat shopping challenges during COVID by partnering with Google.

III. Question

• As technology continues to take over the world and simple tasks such as grocery shopping become more automated, how would this affect the retail workforce? What are the positive and negative effects?

o Less human workers could be a positive during COVID

o Workers would lose income, less part-time jobs in the long run

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