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Create a Wireframe on Walmart website for “Text-Based Detail Oriented Page”. I have attached a word file for  reference.

Instructions –

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Create A Wireframe On Walmart Website For “Text-Based Detail Oriented Page”.
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1) Remember to include all items such as header, footer, search, and  repeatable navigational items/queues as I do look for these for  consistency and compliance.  

2)  To draw your wireframes use powerpoint.

3) Also explain detail format about the Text-Based Detail Oriented Page wireframe that you have drew above.

4) 2 pages -1 for wireframe  and 1 for detail text about the . APA format

5) Use Sky blue and white for wireframes (walmart website colors)


Text-Based Details Page-Target.comThe assigned website for the wireframe is Target.com wherein the text-based details page comes on the secondary pages following the homepage. In the current case, the category is selected in the homepage men’s clothing that displays all types of shirts and the categories like formal shirts, T-shirts etc. The text-based page is done for the T-shirt shopping where the page is developed with all the necessary options that help the buyer get full clarity on the product details, customization, price, reviews, delivery options, about the product, sizes, colors, payment options, shipping and return policies, question and answers, etc. The framework for the text-based page will be common for all the similar products and the vendor can update the details with pictures, colors available, price, shipping options, etc. accordingly for a wide range of similar products. The framework of text-based details page remains fixed and standard for almost all the products too. The text-based details page provides all the details the vendor wants to input that guide and assists the buyer on the page to buy the products.Wireframe – Text-Based Details Page (Target.com)Image 1Image 2Image 3Image 4More ImagesSelected ImageProduct Details (T-shirt)$100Discount %Payment OptionsSize Size Size SizeSizeColor Color Color ColorColor Color Color ColorSize Chart SizeSelectedPick it upStore Details/DateShip itDeliver toOrder Pickup ready byOrder delivery by/shipping detailsAbout this productDetails SizeCharts Shipping &Returns Q&ASame Day Delivery StatusTarget/Men/Men’s Clothing/Shirts/T-shirts/Basic TeesGuest Ratingshttps://www.target.com/https://www.target.com/c/men/-/N-18y1lhttps://www.target.com/c/men-s-clothing/-/N-5xu2fhttps://www.target.com/c/men-s-clothing/-/N-5xu2fhttps://www.target.com/c/shirts-men-s-clothing/-/N-5xu28https://www.target.com/c/t-shirts-men-s-clothing/-/N-4ujkzhttps://www.target.com/c/basic-tees-t-shirts-men-s-clothing/-/N-4ujf8https://www.target.com/c/basic-tees-t-shirts-men-s-clothing/-/N-4ujf8Text-Based Details page-Target.Com-HarmeetPage 1TextBasedDetailsPage.pdf

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