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 My product is Fried Chicken Skin Chips

For this assignment, you will segment the market, identify your target market, and create a positioning statement for your new product. For this assignment, your paper should have these three section headings:

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  • Segmentation: To segment the market, use the resources below to identify the segments in the area by demographics based on zipcode and also look up population data for the colleges and universities closest to your location.
    • US Census QuickFacts From the US Census, this tool gives top line demographic information for all locations in the US with populations over 5,000.
    • College Navigator: Search for data about the college or university near your business
    • Extra Credit Option: You may also include psychographic data and can earn 3 extra credit points if you do this correctly. I explained how to do this using Claritas PRIZM in class.
  • Target Markets: Once you have segmented the market, identify which segments will be your target markets. You should have at least two.
  • Positioning Statement: Once you have identified your target market, create a positioning statement that clearly addresses your target market, the need your company fulfills, and your differentiator. Positioning Statement examples. You only need to make one positioning statement – not one for each target market.
  • Your paper should be about 1- 2 pages, 12-point font, double spaced, one-inch margins. You are required to have a minimum of two outside sources cited in APA format both in-text and on a References page. You cannot use any quotes. 

Copes | 2

Dajon Copes

MKT 206


Professor J. Morber

Days Famous Chicken Skin

Hello, my name is Dajon and my new snack invention is going to be fried chicken skin. This crispy and savory snack is going to be called “Days Famous Chicken Skin”. Our skin will consist of three main key flavors. And we are going to be based out of Milford, Delaware. With our everyone loves fresh crispy skin motto this savory snack will have you wanting more.

The name “Days Famous Chicken” comes from “Day” being my nickname from Dajon. With creatin a name I had to make sure it was taken or being used by another company. The name is going to allow me to keep it original but also make the name straight to the point. The “Famous” portion is going to be a family recipe. Our family recipe is based on deep frying chicken, but I will use this same recipe to deep fry the chicken skin.

Our main slate of Days Famous chicken will consist of three main key flavors. The first flavor will be original. The original is just going to be the fried skin with our secret recipe and a little seasoning sprinkled on as well for added flavor. The second flavor is going to be ranch. We are going to base the ranch flavor off the hidden valley ranch sinch that’s one of the most popular ranch brands in the world. This is going to add a new craved taste and probably one of the most popular flavors. The last flavor is going to be a sweet heat buffalo sauce. This sauce is going to be homemade and should keep people craving for sweeter but while also getting that heat on the back end.

We are going to launch the company in Milford Delaware. I pick Delaware because that is where I am from, and I know the state from top to bottom. I would have to introduce the snack in lower Delaware then work my way up into the city of Wilmington. Once I can get the snack popular in a small state like Delaware then I can grow and take it to another state. The best way I feel to roll the snack out would be to set up stands in the mall and have three flavor samples for people to try. With this I can see which ones will be popular and which one people would like. Once people taste and want more, I would allow them the opportunity to purchase then and there. Now there are a few challenges I think I will have sold it and that include getting it in front of a lot of people, and actually getting people to like the idea of just eating chicken skin by itself without the meat portion. Some people might find this weird and might not like it so it actually might be hard to get enough people to like it.

Overall, I think this is going to be a good crispy and savory snack that anyone can enjoy for lunch, movie night, or to just fill the hunger pain. I think everyone should get a taste of Days Famous Chicken Skin and become addicted to this invention. With our three hot flavors this shouldn’t be no reason for us not to grow and become one of the biggest chicken companies in the world.


Abraham, L. (2020, September 16). The best ranch dressings, ranked. Delish. Retrieved September 12, 2021, from https://www.delish.com/cooking/g21053364/best-bottled-ranch-dressing/.

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