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  Compose Consultant Proposal – see attachments for detailed instructions 

* – 10 pages. 

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* Create – a 20 slide (minimum) presentation 

· No plagiarism 


Social Media 1

Week 8 Assignment:

Performance Consulting

Persuasive Communications and Influence


Final Consultant Proposal

Your completed proposal will be a minimum of 10 pages. Your work should include the following:

· Introduction to the company describing the target audience, the client issue or problem,

the objective and the desired outcome for consideration (from Week 1). See attachment

· The company’s purpose statement and mission statement (from Week 1). See attachment

· There should be significant information pertaining to the following topics:

· Strategy, Marketing, Personnel,

· Products and Services,

· Demographic served Action Plan,

· The Evaluation Process.

· There should be an intervention summary (from Week 6) See attachment

· And there should be an executive summary

Upon completion of your proposal,

Create – a 20 slide (minimum) presentation that you would use to present to the client.

· The presentation should provide a solid look at the proposal

· What you would offer the client.

· Your presentation should be professional

· Title page and reference slide along with a background theme

· (I do not want to see plain white slides).


· 10 page proposal

· 20 slide presentation

· No plagiarism

· Include citations to support your ideas.

· Hale, Judith. The Performance Consultant’s Fieldbook. Available from: Bookshelf Ambassadored, (2nd Edition). Wiley Professional, Reference & Trade (Wiley K&L), 2012.

· Strategic Human Resource Management, Jeffrey A. Mello

Week 6 – Assignment: Compare and Contrast Foreign Investment Strategies

Research global investment decisions to compare and contrast foreign investment strategies with those of the United States. Create a PowerPoint presentation for senior management, considering the global financial environment as follows:

1. Analyze in general the steps that should be followed for multinational corporations to make capital investment decisions. To complete a task, is a corporation more likely to invest in more machines or hire more minimum-wage workers? Explain to senior management why each step is important.

2. Develop and analyze an illustrative example of a capital budgeting decision model for a multinational corporation. Assess the outline and results of this illustrative model and make specific recommendations to senior management.

3. Explain the key conclusions from this study for the senior management team that would be important for them to understand.

Incorporate appropriate animations, transitions, and graphics as well as “speaker notes” for each slide. The speaker notes may be comprised of brief paragraphs or bulleted lists. Support your presentation with at least five (5) scholarly resources.  In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources may be included.  Be sure to include citations for quotations and paraphrases with references in APA format and style where appropriate.

Length: 12-15 slides (with a separate reference slide). Notes Length: 100-150 words for each slide.



Consulting Plan Assignment

Desmond Graham

Grantham University


A business consulting plan is essential for outlining the comprehensive needs of the dynamic business in the full range of the company cycle. A consultant plan is outlined by a specific consultant engrossed in a certain business to make the organization or business achieve its set targets and goals hence emerging victorious. Professional consultants are frequently moved to the target client sites to provide expert knowledge in a specific subject that correlates with their business. There are different types of professional consultants, such as technical, accounting, and management consultants. The aims and purposes of consultants vary depending on their area of specialization. However, all consultants, irrespective of their fields, have a common purpose: to make a company or business more profitable. Below is a comprehensive outline of performance consulting within the food and beverage industry.

An Introduction To The Company

Target Audience

The target audience in a business encompasses a group of individuals who are most likely to be interested in purchasing your products, goods, and services. They usually possess certain demographic characteristics that make them fit for your deliveries. Regarding the food and beverage industry, my target audience would be the post-millennian generation composing of mainly young students in colleges, universities, and young professionals. Such a generation forms a better part of customers who often visit restaurants near educational institutions and workplaces. The audience involves both young men and women, aged between 18years to 37 years. The business targets audiences who have busy schedules concerning their class and work attendance. They do not have time to frequently go back to their houses during lunch breaks for meals; rather, they prefer to grab some take-away foods or fast-made foods from the restaurants and hotels.

Client Problems

Clients or customers face many challenges or problems while trying to get their preferred goods and services. Several issues or problems have been identified to be faced by the food and beverage industry clients. The problems need to be addressed with an immediate effect to boost sales and increase clients’ loyalty. Among the problems identified is the anti-sugar movement, which involves high sugar levels in beverages such as coffee and tea, which enhances diabetes and other health-related issues. Also, several clients have reported increased face-to-face contact between the customers and restaurants staff and customers to customers. Such a situation has made many clients worry concerning the increased rate of the COVID-19 virus. They are afraid of falling victim to such, hence avoiding going to restaurants that have failed to observe the measures to prevent the virus.

Further, the students and young professionals have reported a high degree of unhygienic within the surrounding restaurants. High cleanliness levels are crucial for a place dealing with food and beverage stuff (Hagen, 2021). Cleaning should be maintained starting from the working staff, utensils, and other equipment used to the overall environment. The working staff, especially the cookers, need to put on proper attire and cover their hair. The cutlery and other utensils should be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized if possible. An unclean environment puts the clients at risk of contracting germs hence exposed to devastating health issues such as vomiting.

Lastly, the problem of inefficient use of technology was also reported. The clients are a young generation, and they spent most of their time interacting with the internet (Uttama, 2021). The restaurants need to implement websites where their menus are posted to view and easily make a prior booking or order. This facilitates time-saving, and the youths will enjoy the services.


Objectives are set to be achieved at the end of a project. Achievement of the set goals symbolizes a successful project. By the end of the project, I aim to enable restaurant owners to understand the significance of integrating technology in their business, especially where the majority of clients are youths. Also, to equip them with ideas on several technological measures that can be implemented to boost their sales depending on the restaurant’s status.

Further, to equip the working staff on the importance of maintaining high levels of cleanliness within their working environment (Salter & Dickson, 2020). It will be a way of attracting more customers hence elevating the business progress.

Desired Outcomes

For the objectives or goals to be more concrete, there is a need to ensure that the person involved in the business can afford the necessary resources to implement the desired technology and maintain high levels of hygiene. Also, it will be necessary for the entrepreneur to be psychologically ready to be equipped with business ideas.

Purpose statement

To effectively help the food and beverage business that serves the post-millennian generation to boost their sales and increase the client’s loyalty.

Mission Statement

Appreciating the full potential of technological innovation, with worldwide access to research and education, whole involvement in culture to drive a new era of progress and productivity in the food and beverage industry.


Hagen, L. (2021). Pretty healthy food: How and when aesthetics enhance perceived healthiness. Journal of Marketing,85(2),129-145.

Salter, L., &Dickson, A. (2020). The fantasy of healthy food: Desire and anxiety in healthy food guide magazine. Critical Public Health,1-13.

Uttama, N. P. (2021). Open innovation and business model of the health food industry in Asia.Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity,7(3),174.

The Green Organization Executive Leadership Consulting Summary

Desmond Graham

Grantham University




This PowerPoint shall provide a reliable understanding of the Green Organization Executive Leadership organization’s mandate

The consulting activities facilitated reliable development based on the research procedure

Research offered in-depth connection to the organization’s mandate

Understanding the organizational actions offers reliable ideas for changes

There was proper knowledge improvement in the organization’s activities due to research to identify internal organizational issues (Cerruti et al., 2019). Analysis of areas where employees had been in conflict provided reliable consultation of the organization’s operations.


Research on the Organizational Area

Application of core competency assessment

This determined level of expertise that different employees displayed

Benchmarking offered in-depth assessment of reasons causing employee turnover

There was a reliable method of handling process developments as diverse time periods got analyzed for their robustness

Application of the tools allowed development of a criteria to facilitate change in the entire company. Using this method, it was possible to generate an in-depth guidance process for the consultancy needs.


Effective Development Procedures

Communication with the EL (executive leadership) team facilitated internal organization understanding

Assessment of expected outcomes and capabilities allowed full knowledge improvement

Data collection offered a reliable employee assessment action that created ideas for change

Areas with worse problems got identified to offer a reliable training manual development process

It was possible to interact with staff members and offer them a reliable consultation process. In this way, it was possible to facilitate guided change in the entire organization. After finding out areas that had worse issues, there was a focus on eliminating such issues using proper training directions.


Effective Development Procedures

Data collection allowed recording of different areas in the organization where there were operational activities

It was possible to facilitate change improvement and management for productive actions

Using a step by step recorded training process facilitated management of the entire consultancy process

Employees that created problems and did not connect to organizational requirements were then required to engage with the training to ensure access of better productive behaviors (Rodriguez & Walters, 2017). It is evident that data collection offers reliable training improvement.


Effective Development Procedures

Application of hands-on training offered reliable improvement in employee expertise

There was an in-depth performance enhancement procedure

The training method created mentoring and coaching that are productive methods of handling change requirements

It was possible to tailor the training process in conjunction with the type of actions in the environment (Gnepp et al., 2020). In this way, there was a productive performance management process that did not impact negatively on stakeholders’ expectations.


Feedback and Recommendations

The 12 month period chosen for the consultancy procedure generate a reliable training process

It was possible to integrate support for the entire learning environment after promoting accessibility to diverse developmental processes

The suitable recommendation is to enhance the training process to involve more knowledge concerning the work environment

The consulting team should perform frequent assessment to determine adherence to the training procedure

Improvement of the organizational environment would be possible after adopting a productive performance enhancement procedure. The technique shall facilitate a reliable background to ensure better outcomes and increase in expertise for the entire work environment.



The consultation team shall gain better outcomes after implementing recommendations

It is evident that using a reliable data collection process offers effective communication in the entire work are

The consultation process has thus created a productive work environment

All training processes connect with the mandate of the consultation team. It is evident that after gaining knowledge of operating the entire work environment, productive outcomes would get assessed.



Cerruti, C., Tavoletti, E., & Grieco, C. (2019). “Management consulting: a review of fifty years of scholarly research,” Management Research Review, Emerald Group Publishing, 42(8), pages 902-925. https://ideas.repec.org/a/eme/mrrpps/mrr-03-2018-0100.html

Gnepp, J., Klayman, J., Williamson, I. O., & Barlas, S. (2020). The future of feedback: Motivating performance improvement through future-focused feedback. PloS one, 15(6), e0234444. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0234444

Rodriguez, J. & Walters, K. (2017). The Importance of Training and Development in Employee Performance and Evaluation. World Wide Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development, 3(10), 2016-212. http://wwjmrd.com/upload/1509114292.pdf

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