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EDSP 525

Assessment Project Template

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Assessment Project Assignment
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Report Writer:

Reason for Referral:

Background and Contextual Information:

Administered Assessment Results:

Identified Areas of Strengths and Challenges

Cognitive Skills

Academic Areas

Communication Skills

Social Skills

Behavioral Considerations

Physical Skills/ Fine and Gross Motor

Vocational Considerations

Self-Care and Independent Living

Diagnosis and Recommendations:

EDSP 525

Assessment Project Assignment Instructions

Teacher candidate will use a provided case study containing results from multiple methods of assessment and data sources in order to determine eligibility and programmatic recommendations for the case student. Basic assessment data and historical data will be provided the candidate.

The student will employ knowledge of measurement principles in order to interpret assessment results to determine special education services eligibility and programmatic prescription.

Steps in the assignment:

Review case study. Analyze assessment results and anecdotal and qualitative information to determine student levels, strengths, weaknesses.

Develop two-page psychoeducational report providing a summary view of the student, of the administered assessment results, of the student’s skills and challenge areas, the special education eligibility and diagnosed disability category and of the recommendations for educational programming (special services and/ or related services).

Use articulated psychoeducational report for the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) assignment and subsequent instructional and transition planning.

EDSP 525

Assessment Project Case Study

Clara is a 14-year-old student presenting significant academic delays as compared to her peer group. She has just arrived in our community and has just been enrolled in school with no accompanying educational records.

Clara’s first language is not English, but she is reasonably fluent in English. Her family and her were not born in the United States. She lives with both parents (mother and father) and has no brothers or sisters. Her father works as a short distance truck driver while her mother works in a pre-school as a teacher’s assistant. Both parents are cooperative although their grasp of English is less than their daughter’s. Clara learned English in her last school and is comfortable speaking, reading and writing at an equal level to her ability with Spanish.

An initial referral initiated assessments being administered to determine Clara’s particular needs. The following scores have been gathered using the Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT), the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale and the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test. Other data is from provided teacher observational notes.

Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT)

Reading = .03 Percentile

Arithmetic = .04 Percentile

Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale

Communication Domain = 40

Daily Living Skills = 50

Socialization = 68

Motor Skills = 52

Adaptive Behavior Composite Score = 48

Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test

Full Scale IQ = 40

Brigance Inventory of Basic Skills


Recognized 15 words on preprimer level

Knew 12 initial letter sounds


Rote count to 25

Recognize numbers to 30

Writing numbers to 30

Knowing addition facts to 8

Knowing values of three coins and dollar

Tell time to half hour

Written Language

Can write all letters

Functional Language

Recognize several high frequency functional words (exit, women’s, restroom, in, out, stairs, keep out, police, go, walk, danger)

Recognize several directional words (name, address, state, zip, phone, date, email, cell)

Other Areas of Challenge

Following oral directions

Behavioral Notes from Instructional Staff Observations:

Needs to work on transitioning from one task to another

Gets along with peer group

Is motivated when enjoying the task

Difficulty following through on less exciting tasks. Burns out quickly

Needs to work on expressing feelings in more positive means (lashes out, especially at authority)

Student Reported Personal Preferences

Enjoys being with others

Likes working with food (limited)

Like play time with others in a social setting

Wants some sort of job in the future

Wants to live away from family somewhere

Doesn’t mind living with friends

Wants to get married

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